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  1. Dear all, In a previous post I asked if someone had the software for an old Taian TP02. We used to sell our bandsaw machines with these PLCs a long time ago, around when I was 5 years of age. They are NOT required anymore but its purely as a hobby / and it would be cool if I got it to work. Now I contacted Taian directly and surprisingly they did send me the PC12 software. What I did then was create a Windows 95 VMware and add a serial port (see picture). I connected the PLC to my laptop using a USB to COM cable(RS232 I believe) and the host recognized it as a connection (Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (com2)), and I selected com2 as the serial port that had to be added to the VMware. No problems there, but when I try to connect to the Taian TP02 PLC, it will give a communication time-out. This also happens when the cable is NOT connected, so I think I'm somehow missing an extra step. The cable I am using I also use to program HMI's with so I THINK that's not the issue. But if someone knows if I need a special cable or something, or missing a special driver to communicate between Windows 10 host and Windows 95 vmware, please let me know. But I'm guessing on a missing link between the host and VMware. the host will show Com2, and Windows 95 is only showing COM1. Please let me know, any help is welcome! Thanks