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  1. OMRON CQM1H-CPU21 Serial Connection

    Hello Sir / Ma'am,   How to connect Omron CQM1H-CPU21 (Image Attached) to the software for Configuration. I have tried it many times but I think I am missing something from the wiring side. Above mentioned Controller has a built-in Peripheral Port and an RS232 Port, We don't have that particular cable that connects the Controller to the Software via Peripheral Port. Kindly help me to connect the controller using the RS232 Convertor.   I am using ATC-810 RS232 to USB converter. (Image with all Pin Details attached) Software - Syswin or cx-programmer. (Upload failed, please use the below link of to see images)  
  2. Cx-p Rung error

    Hello. I'm using the CQM1H-CPU21 and I've uploaded program by the 2 ways both CX-P and SYSWIN. But there is errors which is using the only KEEP(11) function related 22.XX 23.XX latching relay. my cx-p and syswin version is up to date and there was no problems till now. and after all, I cannot be transferred to dialog. PS. The error of the SYSWIN program and the CX-P is different area.(same program file)  
  3. I'm working on a old machine. It has a C20h controller and expansion unit. I already have the Syswin software 3.4 . Omron tech support gave me a link. What cable do I need to connect the laptop to a serial port? I can make one. Can I use a USB to serial converter as serial ports are rare.  Thanks, John
  4. Hi All, Thanks to all who helped with my first post - how to get started with a second-hand CPM1A PLC.  Thought I should now start a more specific thread. I now have Syswin 3.4 running in Windows xp mode in Windows Virtual PC, I think I have a Chinese USB-CIF02 comms cable/adapter and drivers correctly installed in Win xp mode.  The PLC powers up with the PWR and RUN LEDs lit.  The USB adapter TX LED flickers when I use the Syswin comms test function, indicating that Syswin is talking to the adapter.  But having tried 128 combinations of comms protocol and unit address at 9600 baud without success, I believe there are now two possibilities. First, while Syswin is sending something to the USB adapter, it may not be 'talking' correctly to the PLC .OR. the PLC is set for some unusual communications settings for reasons unknown, that I may never be able to stumble upon.  Both possibilities could be eliminated if I could return the PLC to the factory default state, with a known comms setup. However, it seems the comms settings in DM words are stored in Flash memory and can only be changed if I can 'talk' to the PLC - Catch 22?  I can find no sign of any DIP switches or hardware reset button etc.  Surely there must be some way to clear the flash memory to return the device to the factory default state?  All suggestions gratefully received. Ian
  5. I retired 10 years ago and a parting gift from some of my fellow employees was a CQM1 with the following modules PA206, CPU41, 1 IO212 and 2 DC222. They also gave me the original 3 1/2 inch discs for SYSWIN - V3.1 and V 3.2A.They gave me the hardware because the company had made the decision to go with Allen-Bradley and move away from Omron. The reason for my post is that my 16 year old grandson is coming to visit and I would like to give it to him to learn on but I am uncertain of what he needs to get started. I do not believe he has a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive available to him to install the software. I seem to remember there was dongle involved (software key) which I do not have. based on what this kid has done in the past I believe he is very sharp mechanically. I would appreciate any help to get this youngster started. Please feel free to email me directly. Thanks Chuck Fitzwater