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  1. Hi to everyone, Is it a way how I can close Login screen that appears after auto-logout? I checked default methods and it says that I need to have the name of page that I want to close. Any ideas?   Regards, Scotty  
  2. Hello, I have a question about AlarmViewer in NA HMI panels. I found that I can't control what type of messages to show. I have a user information messages showed on one of the screens and I would liike to illuminate one of the events that cause the event to appear. I can't find how can I show raised or cleared user alarms only. It always shows me when it was raised and when it was cleared. In example when I have auto-clear (impulse of added condition into alarm event). Any solution how to create a log for events without showing raised/cleared/acknowledge? Thanks, Scotty
  3. Hello to everyone, Today in the morning I found that HMI freezed when I called internal function EjectSDMemory. I Rebooted the HMI and tried again, same result. When HMI freeze I can't connect to HMI via SysmacStudio, so it means that panel stop responding completely. It's first time when I see it happen in my life. I tried next ideas: From HMI screen save Alarm Log to SD Card. Called out Action on the button : SaveUserAlarmLogToFile. File Name: \SDCard\AlarmLog.csv File was not created. HMI not freezed. No error messages on the screen. Transfer User Program From Hmi - from Device System Menu. Create *.nabin file in SD Card. File was created. No issues. Call internal EjectSDMemory function that is assigned to a momentary button.  HMI freezed and became unresponsive. Test with transfering program to SD Card validated that the SD Card that I'm using is fully operational. So why it stop working from runtime? All these functions were working few days ago with no isses. I also tried to format and use different SD Card, but end up with same result when I try to operate with SD Card from HMI runtime program.   Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, I need to cound uptime on servo motors. I though to use AccumulationTimer and have ET as retain. Unfortunately, AccumulationTimer resets ET after each power loss. Is it a simple way to count uptime on servo motors without making extra logic? Regards, Scotty
  5. Hello, I am curious, is it possible to use Data Tracing tool to use it without PC connected to a PLC? I want to keep saving data on SD card installed on PLC while it's running on its own. I tried to use sampling trigger and wrote piece of code that enables sampling, but no luck with saving the data to SD card that is installed on PLC. What am I doing wrong?  Thanks, Scotty
  6. Hi to everyone, I have a question. Why when I disconnect an analog sensor from NX-AD2204 the card sets fault bit even when I changed event level setting. I checked when the sensor goes out of range or gets disconnected the Fault bit for the unit card sets ON. I have checked troubleshooter and I don't see any warnings or faults, only status change as observation message. Anybody was able to make it working properly?   Thanks in advance! Scotty  
  7. Hi to everyone!   Our company is planning to build >10 same machines. Some features will be developed later down the road. And here I'm facing a problem where I need to start tracking PLC and HMI program build revisions. Has Omron any internal tools to generate program build revision? Regards, Scotty
  8. Hello! Could anybody help me? I have a new absolute position transducer (Germanjet 19 Series, EtherCAT  ). I have tryed to add a device description ESI file (it describes this device) into SysmacStudio (ver 1.30) Germanjet 197 EtherCAT.xml However , I've got a trouble. SysmacStudio says: "This ESI file is not supported by Sysmac Studio. Reason: SeparateSu is enabled. The software does not support the Sync Unit function." Are there any ways to solve this trouble?  
  9. Hello to everybody,   I have partially stupid question, but it's confusing sometimes and I was not able to find full answer on it in manuals. I know that you need to use Motion control axis when you need to have some type of multi axes interpolation. But in case if I have just independent axes that needs to be operated at same time, collect torque data, etc. could I just use single-axis position control axis or not. I do not see what kind of restrictions I will be facing when I use single-axis position control vs motion control axes anything except group/cam axes interpolation. Can I in example to operate 2-4 individual servos at same time using single-axis position control axis or not? Basic NX102-9000 comes with 4 single-axis position control axis, that should be good for me, but what limitations I will have compare to NX102-1000 if I do not need group/cam interpolation.    Regards, Scotty
  10. Hello! I got into a situation when one of engineers from our team experience an issue with team development repository. Everything was perfect up to some point and worked well as it should. Last night after last "pull" from the repository he got a fault message in his SysmacStudio (picture below). I have checked this repository: I created new blank copy of this repository on my workstation and the project started without any issues. Anybody experience this issue before? Seems to me that it's some weird issue with SysmacStudio. Both work stations have same SysmacStudio versions   
  11. Hello guys, I experience interesting behavior on NX102 PLC. I have an application with NX102-1200 v1.41 and 7 R88*-1S servos in total. All axes were added as a single-axis position. During servo set-up and tuning we periodically experience a communication error. Connection between laptop and PLC over ethernet. Did anybody have similar problem?  Error message #1: -MC Test Mode was interrupted in the controller. The MC test run is terminated. Error message #2 following error: -A communication error has occurred. 

    Hi, I've been trying to use the number display on NB designer HMI. it is connected to an NX1 Controller with sysmac studio as the automation software. I have a timer on my program and i want to display it to my hmi screen. However, the screen of tge number display keeps on blinking with "****" and random numbers and not showing the elapsed time of my timer in plc. Thanks in advance! 
  13. Hello Everyone, I have just started exploring the Sysmac studio and I am not familiar with the instruction set of the sysmac studio.I am trying to create instruction that is equivalent to SQO and SQI in studio 5000. Can anyone please direct me into the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 
  14. Hey was just curious if anyone has come across the error message for Sysmac Studio posted. I have uploaded an image. Essentially what happened was I was using sysmac studio, went for lunch and it wouldn't open when I got back. I uninstalled v1.23, ran the remover (1901) and reinstalled it. Still could not open without the error. I uninstalled and tried installing V1.13 (oldest one I have) and again am getting the error. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, DJ  
  15. Hello to everybody,   I have another question relative sysmac studio. When I close and open SysmacStudio and open project, each time HMI reset update rates to 500ms for my variable in global variables list. I have regular variables with standard types and few structures that I pulled out from PLC. everything works. But I need to change some update rates for my variables and it's taking time to do it each single day when I need touch HMI program.   Any opinion what may be wrong?   Thanks in advance! 
  16. Hello to everybody, I have a project with NJ-101, 7 MX-2 VFD and ECC-202 with safety CPU SL-3300 and few I/O slices. Till today I did not have problem to build my project. All day long today I'm receiving and  error during the rebuild. It's says that my DataTypes section got failed during the build and only 1 error message I have: An exception such as memory shortage has occurred. I check memory usage,  it's not even load on half. Manual says that I need to split ladder programs or reduce amount of Global Variables. I do have some custom structures and 1 union, don't think that it cause the problem. DataType section uploaded in excel file. Does anybody has experienced similar issue? And what is the solution for the problem? I'm using SysmacStudio 1.26 with Windows10 x64 Regards, Scotty DataTypes.xlsx
  17. Hello everyone,  Simple question. I use APR function (Arithmetic Process) in CX-Programmer. Can I find the same function in Sysmac? Especialy, I'm looking for linear extrapolation function.