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  1. Is it possible to allow CX programmer to automatically assign open addresses to the symbols that I create?  It has been a while (over a year) since I've written a program in CX-Programmer, and the last time I used I only programmed with straight addresses.   Since then I've grown quite fond of just creating a descriptive tag/symbol and not having to keep track of addresses.  It is especially difficult on this particular project since it is going to be a huge program encompassing several workstations, and I'm not getting the information that I need to program them in any sort of order.  So I can't really set aside specific address blocks for different stations or functions, because I have no clue how many addresses I am actually going to need until I get the info for that station; but I might already be writing the program for the next station in the line.  I just have to use addresses as I need them... it would be a lot easier if I didn't have to worry about remembering them.
  2. RSLogix 500 - remapping symbols

    I have developed some code for a ProSoft comms module in an offline PLC using their sample RSS file. I now need to incorporate into a machine's existing code. This will require re-mapping of many data file elements to avoid conflicts with the existing data files. There is plenty of scope for editing errors. Is it possible for me to assign symbols to each data register/bit that I've used and copy the program rungs with symbolic references rather than physical references? e.g. Rather than copy this XIO B3:17/2 OTU B122:0/1 BNDCould I copy this XIO MY_CONTACT OTU MY_COILand paste into the recipient program? I presume it would be best to make the edits to my development code before pasting it into the new program. Anyone got a procedure? I've looked at the Address / Symbol Editor but editing the address there doesn't change the ladder - it just moves the symbol to the new address.