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  1. Array A INT[32] Array Index B INT Destination C INT I am trying to move an Array (A) Element (A[2]) using a symbol (B) in ladder into a destination symbol (C) C = A [ B ] Result: ERROR: Array Index of Operand 1 out of range at rung 1 ( 6, 0 ).  The documentation suggests that it is possible, but I am unsure if there is something I am doing incorrectly. Note* Fixed indexing works with no errors Is there another method to accomplish this?   PLC : CJ2M CPU31 CX- Programmer: Verion 9.74 Update 1: If I go online to the PLC It does look like the array look up is working. Is the issue with the mov block? Update 2: I changed the memory locations which has caused a different error to appear. This error is clearer but does not explain the manual excerpt I posted further up ERROR: Only the constant can be specified for the index of the array.  at rung 5 ( 6, 0 ).  Update 3: Solution 1 I managed to hack together a proof of concept using pointers and indirect offsets  Update 4: Solution 2 For some strange reason things work as expected inside of the function blocks so I made one where the array is In-Out and with an input and output respectively. Note* External reference to pointers inside of the function block produced an error. Function block Logic     Update 5: Solution 3 Now I feel like I am going crazy, I tried just the original code again and it works... I have no idea why and if it was not for all the documentation I would be lost as to why it works now... Update 6: Conclusion It seems to have array indexing work the array index must exist in the D Memory Block. The reason it did not work above is because I somehow had a MOVR block when I tested after moving all the variables to the D Memory Block. I hope this journey helps someone else :)
  2. GOT-Barcode reader

    Dear everyone, I would like connect Bar-code Reader to GOT that read Bar-code to input data on GOT 1575 VNTB Note: Barcode Reader is symbol model & I have use Power electric 5V to nourish And, I would like confirm that have conflict reverse electric  from Bar-code Reader to GOT or not? Thanks so much
  3. Hi, I'm using EA9 Software with a C-More HMI. I made 4 symbols in MS Paint then imported them as BMP's into the Symbol Factory. All 4 of them have bright yellow backgrounds. When I added them to my project (as animated Bitmaps), I selected the bright yellow color as my transparency color. When viewing the added bitmaps in the C-More Programming Software , they all appear transparent (as they should). HOWEVER.... Once I download and run my project, 2 out of the 4 lose their transparency and show up with the bright yellow background. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix, or workaround? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello to All, I've installed the Sysmac software and the installation works fine, until I tried the ladder programming.  The % symbol is not working when I tried to use the internal memory addressing.  All I can use is the # symbol only.   I already looked into the options, to check if there are options to be selected to activate the % symbol, but unfortunately, there is none. Anybody who have experience this issue before? Or Is there any options / selections to be tick off during initial installation, that I have missed? Thanks for any suggestions / solutions. Regards. Leo
  5. CP1L connected with scanner symbol DS-4308 reading 2D data matrix,  with RS-232 on board CP1W-CIF01 Hi all, need some help because I can't read the information. Let me explain, I have a PLC, " CP1L-L14DR-D " with a RS-232 option borad " CP1W-CIF01 " , a scanner Symbol DS-4308, and I'm trying to read a data matrix 2d barcode (I don't know if that matters). so I build a cable with the next configuration, (one side male and the other female) PORT CONFIG PIN OUT SCANNER CABLE RJ-50 TO RS-232 PINOUT Maybe I'm missing a connection? a bridge? power supply ? ground?   in the program, I only have this to check the communication,       When my reception flag complete (A392.06), my instruction RXD is going to execcute, reading in D1500 the data. if is any error in communication (A392.04) or overflow (A392.07), my port is going to restart (A526.00) (ignore w0.03) with the followign config: (9600, 7,2,E, RS-232C, End code: Received Bytes 3       and I'm reading only, data on D1500 and D1501, and the data makes no sense.   with the configuration of End Code: CR, LF,          can't make it work, I read nothing. and if I change the END CODE: Received bytes to 4,      don't work. and my flag A392.04 go to ON.   PLC HAS 4 PIN SWITCH, ALL ARE OFF The configuration on the scanner is setting to default and then config to RS-232 Standard.   So, what I'm missing?  bad connections? plc don't support? scanner config? program?      
  6. Symbol editore doesn't exist

    Hi there, I'm just a beginner in PLC programing and I'm just installed siemens step7 latest version on my laptop... but I have an issue with this program after I created rack and insert my ps, cpu and DI/DO modules... when I want start insert Symbol tables; this symbol editor doesn't exist under option tab... so for now what can I do with this, maybe sth changed in this version, I don't know...  how can I fix this problem??     Thanks.
  7. For some reason, some of the symbol names and comments in my symbol table in my project have disappeared. They are present in a previous version of my project. I would like to copy the symbol table from the old project version into the new project version. Can I do this by simply copying a few files from the old project folder into the new project folder? Which ones?
  8. I have a list of 100 faults for my machine. Each fault has an integer variable in the symbol table, containing an integer that matches its position in the list. Say I then want to add a fault in at position 12, I would then have to renumber all the following faults. Is there a built in way to do this automatically? Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions for achieving a similar thing, I would love hear them.