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  1. Hi guys, I just got involved in a small and simple building automation project. (A small mall, in which they are replacing an older system) It is simple, yet there is a caveat: There are about 100 digital outputs (Lights, HVAC...) that should be controlled "calendrically". Moreover, the operation hours could be dependent on sunrise / sunset time. For example: 1. Light Floor1East should be activated 30 minutes after sunrise each day of the week, except Fridays and Saturdays in which it should be activated at 05:00AM fixed, excluding July & August. 2. Light Floor2West should be activated at 10:00 AM, each day of the week, except on Holidays (the exact holidays dates are preconfigured by the operator) 3. Light Floor3North should be activated at 12:00 AM on Tuesdays, recurring 10 times. (e.g. over period of 10 weeks) starting from specified date (dd/MM/YYYY) * Please note that I didn't bother to detail the turn-off times, but you obviously got the idea even without it. The actual programming of each output is going to be performed be the end user (i.e. the operator) and will be modified from time to time according to the changing needs of the facility. Hence this programming should be simple and intuitive to accomplish by the operator and performed via the main UI. (Adding in Edit: Subsequently, such "schedule programming" done by the operator should not require the presence of a "development license key") For example, if there is a set of outputs that works according to a common schedule, it makes sense for the operator to be able to program them together, as a group. And on top of all that - there is a separate system requirement: That the actual programs (output scheduling) will reside in the PLCs so that the system will work continuously in the event of a power failure or any other PC failure. (This implies that the PLCs should internally maintain and track the calendar, including daylight saving and sunset/sunrise time)   Although I searched a lot I could not find any system with matching capabilities. Except for Siemens WinCC / Calendar Scheduler which seems to be relevant, but I could not tell for sure just from reading the datasheet. I admit this lacking of "calendar controlled IO module" was surprising to me especially in light of the recent flourishing ecosystem in the Home Automation field. Note: budget is not a concern, but an open source based solution would gain my sincere admiration. (-; Any hint would be highly appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. Version BA LBR iiwa V5


    KUKA: IIWA is a collaborative robot with 7 axis, built in force sensors on all axes, built in mastering tool etc.
  3. Version BA KUKA Sunrise Cabinet V3


    KUKA: Sunrise controller It is very similar to KRC4 compact but for collaborative robot (IIWA)
  4. View File KUKA: Sunrise Controller (Collaborative) KUKA: Sunrise controller It is very similar to KRC4 compact but for collaborative robot (IIWA) Submitter panic mode Submitted 02/16/17 Category Robots and Servos