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  1. Position Controller

    hi, im student im trying to make a position control with the misubishi serie of servos, i have 2 mr-j2s-20a and 1 fx2n-20gm i was reading the manual i didnt readed all yet, i wat to know if i can control the position with a fx2n plc and if someone can send me a example of a code using it. thx for your attention 
  2. Ge Fanuc 90-30 setup

    Hello,  I am a student currently working on a project involving Ge Fanuc. We have not learned anything about this controller however I have a strong backround in many other PLC's(Allen Bradley,Omron,Siemens). I would like some help configuring this device. I have read the manual for the fanuc controller and I have added all the modules and power supply; however, I am not able to download I have checked the ethernet setting on the controller module and I have had no luck. I have some knowledge of networking so I have choosen thr correct: IP,Subnet and Default Gateway. If you have any information that may be helpful please reply.   (I am using cpu 364 if thats helpful).