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  1. I have a managed stratix 5700, using vlan 100 as my PLC network and using 100fx sfps. Also have an unmanaged hirshmann switch using finisar fx sfp.  these for some reason are not working, however if i use an unmanaged AB etap it works fine.  Can someone please help me
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to implement 1-1 NAT on a Stratix 5700 but it looks like the option isn't there, I've upgraded the firmware to the latest version from RA. It states licence = lan-lite so maybe that's the issue. Is there a way to get this functionality by FW U/G and where would I get it from? Or do you have to buy the switch with a different level of functionality from new?
  3. I do have a problem with Stratix 5700 managed switch. I have a system with 3 Stratix 5700 switches with their own systems. If I switch off the power one of the cabinet (including the Stratix) and put the power on again, after that switches are bloking all the trafic in the system for a few seconds. So, linking the system on will make switch to go fault. This can not be correct. What are the minimum settings that is needed to do for the switches, not to go fault during switching power on. I have made now smartport settings for the switches 'switch for automation' => no progress. Still same.
  4. Network Dropouts at Night!

    We have been having a re-occurring issue where some of our PLC's throughout our plant have a network outage that occurs around the same time every night. The PLC's are disbursed among the plant and it has been confirmed no large pieces of equipment are being turned on around this time every night... The network traffic does not fluctuate around this time and is not near a "troubling" level. There was a reboot to one of our servers on the same VLAN as the PLC's that are having the connectivity issues... What could have changed from a server reboot to remedy this issue, the server is not communicating to the PLC's, they are just on the same VLAN. 
  5. Good Day, I am seeing intermittent bUs (communication bus) errors on 3 VFD's simultaneously.  These are Yaskawa P1000's with CM092 Industrial Ethernet Cards. There are Stratix 5700 switches between the drives and the Controllogix 1756-L75 CPU.  Happens every day to every week -- intermittent. Reading parameter F6-98, it indicates a 'connection time out'.  I don't understand why I would receive this fault.  IGMP snooping and querier are enabled on all switches, if that matters. I do not have unicast checked but Yaskawa said that didn't matter.  Packet time is 100 milliseconds.  I welcome any input on what might cause this.  One Yaskawa tech said I should set speed to 100 Mbps (now set at 10 Mbps). Any help appreciated.