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  1. Hi Gents, Is it just me or it's generally that difficult to get the specifications in the industry? I kind of smile at some emails nowadays but here are some fundamental specification issues which felt like I had to go through on many projects through clients client: - New analogue/digital instruments installed with rated voltage of 110V AC while control is fully running at 24V DC - Request to Install TIA portal V15 on Windows XP (as they had all their legacy code on) so the client could have every software on 1 PC (no VMs) - Transfer signals from new PLC to the older PLC - no specifications on literally anything related to the requirements - Travel 500 miles extra as customer wants an extra signals in the PLC (cuz he forgot to mention them on site) Do you ever come across situations like this or am I simply over dramatic?
  2. Beckhoff PLC + software selection

    Hi, I need to select a Beckhoff system that basically must have PLC with motion capabilities for drives via EtherCAT. The purpose is to test the compatibility of Mitsubishi Electric EtherCAT type drives with Beckhoff PLC. As Beckhoff is a PC based solution and there are many options I'm honestly confused on how to proceed to select a Beckhoff system. Does anyone have experience with selecting Beckhoff PLC that could help with the way to select it? Thanks! Thiago
  3. Help to find out specification of analog card AD-081-V1 . please suggest me this analog input card is active or passive?.
  4. Specification Of Scada Systems

    Hi, Please I am new to SCADA system and currently doing a specification document for my university project. I am doing it for a SCADA system and need someone with knowledge to review what terms I have used for the sections I have. For the System Operational Functional Requirements section, I wrote Fire System Requirements  The SCADA system will perform monitoring of the Fire Main Inlet Valve. The following status of the Inlet Valve will be monitored, logged and displayed by the SCADA: • Inlet Valve Position • Inlet Valve state (Open / Close) • Inlet Valve Local Control state • Inlet Valve Fault(Neither Open or Closed) • Pressure Switch • Flow Switch The SCADA system will perform control of the Fire Main Inlet Valve. The Inlet Valve signals to be driven are as follows: • Inlet Valve Open Drive • Inlet Valve Close Drive   For the System Input and Output Requirements section, I wrote The SCADA system I/O with the Fire System will allow: 1) Alarm and status information of the system to be monitored, logged and displayed at the SCADA Clients including: a) Inlet valve position;  b) Inlet valve alarms; c) Inlet valve status; d) Pressure switch status; e) Flow switch status.  2) Control of the system by operators at the SCADA Client including: a) Inlet valve position;    Please I would appreciate if someone could help and evaluate the terms I have used such as 'Status', 'Position' 'State' and others and to correct me if I wrote it wrong or if there are better terms to use or better ways to structure my information.