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  1. We have an SLC 5/05 on our automation network, one of several SLC 5/05 processors on site.  It functions perfectly well and no ethernet messaging issues or SCADA drop outs.  The difficulty I am experiencing with it is when I am required to fault diagnose it takes a very long time to get online to it with our laptop running RSLogix500.  It sometimes takes as long as 10 minutes.  It makes no difference whether I use the Ethernet devices or the EtherNet/IP Driver in RSLinx, it nearly always takes an age which is frustrating in a breakdown situation.  I don't ever experience these long wait times connecting to any other of the SLC 5/05 controllers or any other controllers for that matter.  Once I am connected to the problematic controller I don't experience any issues, it's just the initial time getting online.  I try to leave the laptop permanently connected to it to avoid the long wait time to connect.  When I open RSLogix500, select Comms, Who Active Go Online, Ethernet devices driver, I can see that the problematic 5/05 has Active as its Status whereas the other 5/05 processors have Remote Run as their status.  Please can anyone advise as to any possible program parameters, RSLinx settings or hardware faults I should be looking for?  I have considered it could be a network problem but I'm unsure about this given how the processor performs well in every other regard. Neil
  2. Hello all, I have a L82 having ethernet connection with 3 HAAS CNCs and other ethernet device. The ethernet card EN2T is at 19% capacity. But my Controller MESSAGE CORE is at 100%. How do it get it down so that we can have faster and better communication ?    I have attached the picture of the Tasks:   
  3. Hi. I have a decent workstation I work on when i do my programming. I have been using Sysmac studio for couple of years now and I have always notice it that sysmac studio is very slow.   Have you guys notice that sysmac in general is slow ? /Best regards.
  4. Help, I purchased a copy of Proworx 32 lite V 2.1 pack A a LOOOONG time ago & I cannot remember how to read from the controller ( Micro 110 ). All the controller functions are grayed out. I can see the controller when I use the Navigator function. Thought if I could see the controller I should be able to read the program but the software will not let me " read from controller" that function is grayed out. Most likely it is some minor step my old mind has forgotten. Could someone PLEASE walk me thru it in baby steps as I'm sure I am making a childish mistake?
  5. I am using rslinx in my configuration with 2 devices: windows xp computer and an SLC 5/05 CPU.  The XP PC is running a program that relies on a file that is automatically dropped in a shared folder from a separate networked PC.  The file is deleted immediately from the shared folder.  The program on the XP PC uses rslinx to control the SLC 5/05 CPU to complete the operation.  The original XP PC hard drive failed and a new PC was installed with all the necessary software and services.  Ounce I completed the  setup, the process worked for 48 hours, then stuck in one operation (one file).  Now, I can restart rslinx and the software and the process will function normally, but stall, then get stuck on one file.  There are no files in the shared folder, rslinks has not lost connection.  The original router was replaced at the same time as the PC.  I am leaning towards rslinx storing the files somewhere and stalling/stopping the operation.  I can not find files anywhere.  Does the SLC 5/05 CPU store the files?  I'm lost.  Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions?  
  6. NB Designer V1.4

    I found NB Designer really struggled running on Windoze 10 Pro x 64 bit - bloody painful to be honest - on both the massively fast desktop and very fast laptop - no time to wait around - likes my horse power. Selected it to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode - way better - quite nippy actually. Highly recommended - it appears the NB Designer team may have not quite caught up with the latest Windoze OS.
  7. wich plc to chose?

    Hello all! I have one problem and i need an advice. I search for fast plc, that could have minimum plc cycle. I got 2 inductive sensors 0-10V (0.5 - 2mm). I connect this sensor with plc. On plc is connected shaft encoder which is 360ppr. My task is protech a stamping tool betwen stamping and if inside tool is some bad stamping pease we muss stop stamping. i control heigh of the stamping tool with inductive sensor. Right moment for measurement i get from incremental encoder. For example: I want to measure highof the tool at 90° - 180°, so when the tool if fully pressed. Now i have Unitronic plc with plc cycle cca. 2.5 mS and only one interrupt at 1.25mS and HSC interrupt at 359° (for reset at 0). But this plc is to slow for this application. Machine run at 200 rotations per munute, so i need interrupt less then 1mS (for one degree accurity). SO i need fast plc that can do those things fast. Most importanten is Analog to Digital conversion speed. Unitronics need cca 60mS for two analog conversion, this is too much. SO i need to do those things fast: 1. interrupt for hsc for set counter on 0 2. set interupt for hsc at 90° (at rising edge) (for high measurment 3. interrupt for analog input? I need fast AD conversion so that i can check for high of the tool every one degree. so which plc shuld i use?