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  1. SITOP UPS Connection

    Hi all and Happy New Year.  I have a a Siemens S7-314 CPU and a number of I/O modules.  Powering the PLC is a PS307 120/230V (10A) PSU.  As a fail safe, I also have a SITOP UPS, comprising of: - SITOP UPS1600 (10A) PSU -SITOP PSU100S 24V (5A) - SITOP UPS1100 Battery    My issue is with connection between the SITOP PSU100S, UPS1600 and the PS307 PSU.  My devices need around 8A, hence the 10A PS307 and UPS1600, but I was told that I could have a reduced size for the PSU100S, since it is only trickle charging I guess?  Can anyone guide me to a connection diagram that shows the power connections for these 3 devices?  I've since talked again to Siemens and they've suggested omitting the PS307 and powering the PSU direct from the PSU100S, but this will not have sufficient current for all of the devices that I was intending to supply.   Thanks.