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  1. Hi experts, I successfully connect S7-314 2PN/DP to HMI Mitsubishi GS2107 using ethernet cable, and the the ethernet connection type is OP communication. In But when I connect one more S7-1200 to GS, there is a problem about station number. In Mitsubishi connection manual, they ask to correct the station No. of the connected Ethernet module (the picture is in attachment). So does anyone know how to assign the station number to ethernet module of S7-1214 and S7-314
  2. Hi! I'm now in a project which collecting weighing data of 3 tanks to S7-1214C and transfering them to S7-314 2PN/DP through ethernet cable. My problem is it took me about 1 second to exchange data (about 13 bytes) between S7-1214C and S7-314 using PUT and GET. So the weighing data updated quite slow to S7-314. Is there any way to exchange data faster between S7-314 and S7-1214 ?   For more information, I use clock memory 1Hz to trigger the REG parameter of  FB PUT/GET. I couldn't set the lower cyclic time because the FB PUT/GETwould have error with status 25 (meaning the FB in progressing).
  3. PLC Input Output sequencing

    Hi all , new on site and looking for some help please. Need simple solution to the following example. Imagine a clock face. At every 45 degrees , I need an input and an output from the same input some milliseconds later. Before I get to 90 degrees , input 1 is now off awaiting input 2 at 90 degrees and so on. For my 360 degrees , this would require 8 inputs and outputs with only one input / output active at any one time with the program repeating the sequence continuously when back to zero degrees. Info please on suitable small inexpensive PLC and any suitable position feedback device , thanks , Al..//
  4. Mode selection in PCS7 charts

    Hi, I am facing a difficulty in chart preparation (CFC) for analogue signals in Siemens PCS7. It is because of the automatic connection of the mode signal during compilation. I am using PCS7AnIn as a channel driver to convert the HEX values. Because of the wrong mode selection by module (#109), the converted values are not linear and incorrect. Even I am not able to enter the mode value manually. What it makes to change the mode value so that I can get the actual result.   Thanks in Advance, GJ   
  5. Mode selection in PCS7 charts

    Hi, I am facing a difficulty in chart preparation (CFC) for analogue signals in Siemens PCS7. It is because of the automatic connection of the mode signal during compilation. I am using PCS7AnIn as a channel driver to convert the HEX values. Because of the wrong mode selection by module (#109), the converted values are not linear and incorrect. Even I am not able to enter the mode value manually. What it makes to change the mode value so that I can get the actual result.   Thanks in Advance, GJ   
  6. Simulation in Foundation Fieldbus

    Hi Guys,  Did anyone performed the process value simulation of Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter (FF Communication) using Emerson 475 communicator? The simulation jumper is not available physically on the device. The only simulation option in the hand held communicator available in the following path.  Configure>>Manual Setup>>Classic View>>Advanced Transducer Block>>Parameters1.. But that option too is highlighted and not editable. Can anybody help me how to simulate the value from device so that I can check in my host DCS (Siemens PCS7). Thanks in Advance, GJ 
  7. Siemens

    Hi, I am new to the forum and relatively new to PLC's and I am working on a project that controls several pumps and I would like to install a off delay timer that can be adjusted on the HMI for individual pumps, is this possible ? I am using Siemens TIA Portal V13 and I have a KP1200 comfort panel along with a S7-1500 PLC Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. hello everyone, please i need help, i have a PLC 313C with MMC 512KO (MICRO MEMORY CARD) and i deleted all the programs inside him ( HMI & PLC ) and when i want to put the same programs inside PLC without put the MMC he tell me the memory inadequate and when i put the MMC in the PLC and try to put the program he tell me there is no communication, please can anyone tell me what is the operations i must do for put the program pleaaaaaaaase please . thank you alot.
  9. Hello guys. i have installed cpu 315-2DP. It works well, but sometimes it goes to STOP mode and turn on the SF led. If i change the key from RUN mode to STOP mode and than from STOP to RUN, it works well again. I check all module and looks fine. Can you help me how can i find a solution for this case please? My HW configuration is like in a photo. Thanks Adi
  10. WinCC Runtime on Server

    Hi, I'm trying to integrated a couple of machines with S7 300 series CPU's onto an existing industrial VLAN, The two machines currently get their recipe information and send their archive information to a PC running a Win CC runtime package on a separate VLAN. I've changed the IP addresses and can get the Runtime package to work from my PC but not the server that I have been provided with. It's as though the server is too slow, it takes about 3 minutes to establish a connection with the PLC and the monitoring word the PLC sends to the PC to ensure comms is not returned, however when I run the same Runtime file on my PC on the same VLAN it works fine also the ping TTL is only about 3ms. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong ? It may be worth saying that this server is a just a partition of a bigger server running a VMware package.
  11. Hello Everyone, I want to have a serial communication using Siemens S7-1200 with CM 1241 (RS-232) and communicate with my Arduino. Here is the setup of the communication. I have 2 temperature sensor and one Led connected to my Arduino, and on the PLC side I have S7-1200 from Siemens and CM-1241. Arduino and my PLC are connected just by using Tx and Rx pin no handshake is done. I am sending the temperature data from both the sensor to the PLC. on the PLC side i decide when to turn on the Led connected to my arduino depending on the different temperature values. I have assigning a ID to both the sensors before sending out the data. This is how the transmitted data from Arduino looks like $AOPT_TEMP1_20_TEMP2_21 . So far its good, I am receiving serial data on my PLC using RCV_PTP (received data are placed on the buffer) and sending data using SEND_PTP. I have also implement a filter on the PLC which will only accepts the serial data starting with '$AOPT_'. Now, I want to receive the temperature value from two temperature sensor TEMP1 & TEMP2 and then control the Led. For instance if (TEMP1>TEMP2 ) then turn ON the Led else turn OFF. I am able to receive the data on the PLC from Arduino but now I don't know how to proceed with comparing the received information. How do i extract the only required data from the received buffer? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance....
  12. Hello I have a question about a Siemens Simoreg DC Master Drive. I am wanting to modify the register for status word 2 (r653). I cannot find how to define each of the bits in the status word. I am new to Siemens drives so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Will
  13. I have camera Keyence connected via ethernet to the S7-1200. In the cameras can be set about 30 "tools". Each "tool" perform a different function in the image. In what way in the program code on S7-1200 I can read eg Tool number 10? For example, if tool 10 is the correct I want to to value 1 on some tag for eg camera_tool1. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards Mikołaj
  14. FF Communication - Voltage drop

    Hello everyone, I am working on foundation fieldbus protocol with PCS7. I am facing problem of voltage drop in successive AFDiS (Active Field Distributor). As part of the DCS hardware I am using CP443-5 EXT.-->FF Link (Redundant)-->FDC157-->AFDiS1-->AFDis2-->AFDiS3. The architecture is daisy chain not the loop. I have checked the current consumption using fieldbus calculator. But everything is fine as per calculation. Even I had tried connecting the AFDiS one by one and also with no load condition. I didn't find solution to this problem. I am attaching hereby the sheet of values which I obtained after connecting trunk and spur stepwise and measure voltage at each point. However when I am using AFD in combination with AFD, the amount of voltage drop is not that much significant. Please advise a possible solution. Thanks in Advance, Gaurav J
  15. Hi from new PCS7 user...

    Hey all. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm mark and I'm employed as a process engineer in a plant in UK. I've been there 8 years now and achieved the process position through dedication and willingness to learn. Although my previous employment was as an aircraft electrical technician so I don't have the soundest PLC knowledge. Unfortunately, my more knowledgable colleagues have a tendency to enjoy keeping secrets and so I find myself thrust into this position with little guidance. So I'm going it alone! I'm trying to learn as much as I can myself. And decided this would be a place that I reach out for help as and when I need it. I've been able to monitor and use the software logic as a tool for fault finding and have implemented some modifications and new projects into the software we have on site. I've also done an intermediate course a few years ago on S7 so I am fairly capable with it. I lack knowledge on WinCC, and I am scraping my way round that when the need arises. We also don't have any test rigs available to play about on. Which I find a little frustrating. I welcome any advice people may have for me at this moment in time. I'm looking into doing some courses, a simple little course I found offers an NVQ L3 qualification for relatively little work and cost. But it's based on fundamentals of PLCs such as selecting the right PLC for a process, the limitations of PLCs, decimal to binary to hexadecimal conversions (I'm ok with that bit) and various other "fundamentals" of PLCs. I've kinda skipped this bit in training and not sure of the requirements for the course. If anyone has any advice on that, places to look, etc, then I'd appreciate it. Also any other recommended courses and reading. Cheers.... mark
  16. Hello, I have an annoying problem with communication between Siemens S7 PLC and HMI panel. Here it how it looks like: I am using Siemens S7-315 with 343 Lean ethernet port. This port is used to communication with HMI terminal. Communication is realized through S7-TCP communication protocol. When I was testing the communication in the office everything worked fine and nothing wrong happened. The problem occururs only on the installation. After turning the PLC and HMI on everyting works fine, data is transferred correctly and variables are displyed on HMI. After a few hours the communication is suddenly lost. This is a direct connection between PLC and HMI and there are no other devices in this network. So it is not possible that suddenly there is an address confilct. I made a wireshark analysis (I connected a notebook and hub into the network) and I found out that when the communication is lost HMI terminal is trying to get data from the PLC but it is not responding. It looks like PLC ethernet port is broken. You cannot ping PLC from notebook and HMI. On the other hand you can exchange pings between HMI and notebook. The communication is back again only if you'll restart the PLC. The strangest thing is that I did not have any problem with the communication when I was testing it in the office. The configuration and project of PLC and HMI is excactly the same. The only difference is that on the installation PLC is realizing also a communication throguh Profibus and MPI. I've tried to use different ethernet cables (crossed, non-crossed) but in all cases the situation is the same. Do you know waht can be the cause of such behavoiur? Maybe someone had a similar situaion? In the attachment I send a screenshot from Wireshark which shows the moment when the communication breaks.
  17. Dear all, I have implemented PID temperature control for mini heating tank system using Siemens S7-313-c2-DP PLC. Now, I want to plot the values of the "process value (temperature) " and "Setpoint" as a function of time in wincc flexible runtime. I am using wincc flexible 2008 advance SP3. However, the problem is that I have tried plotting the value of "process value" as a function of time using trendview, But the change in the value is not smooth i.e. it is in step manner. Besides, the value of temperature progresses towards the left side of the graph, but I want it in the right side. And also I would like to plot two values against time in one graph in smooth transition so that I can make the comparison and I want the plotting only on the right side of graph. So, how to do all these things? Since, I am a newbie to WinCC, I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Regards, Ankur Gajjar
  18. Hi there, I have trouble understanding the "mechanics" of STL programming language for Siemens S7-300 PLC. For instance I have a code which looks like this (taken from the Siemens manual for extended pulse timer): With regards to the first line, AND operator checks whether the state of I 2.0 is '1'. According to the "Bit Logic Instructions" manual, it also ANDs the test result with RLO. Now the question is - what RLO is it if there are no operations beforehand? What memory area does it use for that particular RLO? Moreover, what is the Boolean bit logic string in this case? I presume it is all the lines up to the '=' sign. The confusion is also caused by instructions (FR, L, T) which are not logical operations or RLO, although there is associated memory bit with them. I'd be grateful if you could clarify this matter? Many thanks!
  19. Daily logging of flow in WinCC

    Hello, I am working on a Siemens S7-300 PLC with a WinCC HMI and I am looking to perform logging of certain values every 12 or 24 hours. Basically I have a Flow meter that constantly has flow through it. Right now I have the PLC set up to record the current value of the flow, as well as a totalizer to indicate how much flow has gone through the valve. (until an operator chooses to reset it) I need to create some sort of logic or utilize something in WinCC to calculate the flow through the valve only for that day. After that day, the value will be either deleted or replaced with a new value the next day... If anyone has any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  20. How to read digital input signal

    Hello everyone, I am a freshman, studying about PLC. I work with S7-400 system. Please help me how to read digital input signal directly from humidity sensor using PLC. Thank you so much. Best regard!
  21. can anyone please provide me how to communicate between keithley controller 2182A(nano voltmeter) and any siemens plc.aslo the programme & instruction & parameters..ASAP using RS-232 interface?
  22. Lenze drive fault on proface

    Hi I am having a problem with an error/fault code. The fault comes from a lenze drive as an integer. We have a proface HMI monitoring a DBW in the siemens S7 300 that holds the lenze fault code. The PLC comes up with a generic code "lenze drive fault". The proface comes up with the drive code. I would like the PLC to produce a fault description using the lenze fault code in the DBW, instead of the generic one [listed above]. could anyone please help with this problem Thanks Robbo