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  1. Is it really not possible to use 2 shortcuts with FTView ME panels. When I try to create the runtime file (.mer), I am getting an error that can not be used 2 shortcuts. Is there any possibilities to make FTView ME connection with 2 different PLC's.
  2. Hello, I changed the shortcut of the HMI to the PLC and if I cycle power the shortcut comeback to what it was before. Does anybody knows how to keep the new shortcut?
  3. details: panelview (2711P-RDT15C) connected to "switch A" (ntron p/n: F-716TX) "processor A " (1756-L62) is connected to "switch A" "processor B" (1756-L73S) is connected to "switch B" (ntron p/n: F-716TX) "switch B" is connected to "switch A" I'm trying to use a single panelview to communicate to 2 separate PLC processors (separate chassis). When I go to add the shortcut in factory talk I find the "processor B". When I connect my laptop to  "switch A" I can see every thing in RSlinxs.  Any one experience this issue or know how to make this setup work? Maybe there's a switch setting that is not allowing RSlinxs enterprise in the PV to see both processors? 
  4. Hi all, I would like to use the my FTView ME apllication pointing on differents PLC (as i have 10 exact same machines on the same network). I would like all the tag of my application called like this {[#1]xxxx} with #1 being able to be changed by pushing some button on the HMI and #1 will be the name of one of the 10 shortcut that i defined in my communication setup. Do you think that could work ? Using parameters could work ? Anybody tried that before ? Thanks