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  1.  I've been using this Emerson PAC software for several weeks now. I cannot seem to get the search function to work well, when working on PLC. I can open a search box (from the search icon) and type in text that's right on the screen, and it returns "not found". It's frustrating. I've tried using wild card *, quote marks, % signs. Nothing works.   How does one properly use the search function? My coworkers are just as stumped as I am. Unfortunately nobody has real training on this software, we are kind of thrown into the fray to figure it out on our own. It would greatly improve my troubleshooting time if I could find things, either by variable number, or description text.   The on-line help for this software is about non existent. One "tutorial" is 8 hours long, another is over 11 hours long. 
  2. Hello,  I have 30 recipes(g_Blend_Recipes) and want to search for an item number in the recipes and compare it with what the operator enters on the HMI. The recipes itself is an array and there are 5 item numbers in each recipe. I read about the FSC instruction but did not figure a way out yet. I am attaching a picture of the recipe. Any help would be appreciated.     
  3. Second day using Proficy. Needing to cookie cut from a template program that references I/O devices in the HMI variables. Currently I have to edit each one individually, and there are thousands of tags to be changed, times the number of cloned systems I am creating. How can I automate this mind numbing, and error prone work?