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  1. I am using PG5 v2.1.310 and Web Editor 8. I am trying to implement user access on my project. I have created a login page, made it as the default page, put the logon component on the page and also added a user to the project. The page loads without any issues, but nothing happens when I enter the username and password. I read the help, and I don't think I have missed anything. Any ideas? Thanks, Csongor
  2. SAIA PCD3

    Dear Sir/Madam Whenever I tried to download the error message below pop up. The problem: "A full protocol connection is needed. I am using Saia PCD3.M3120 with Saia PG5 Project Manager V2.1.310. May I know how I can solve this problem that I cannot download problem to PLC? I am trying to download a program via USB and its driver has been installed. Software Verion (This is Demo version) V2.1.310 Best Regards, Hakko