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  1. Hello, I am looking to log a tag value based on another tag changing from 0 to 1. The tag i want to log needs to index cells and fill in the columns in the excel sheet. Does anyone have an example of vba code for this?
  2. I have some SLC500 that I am attempting to connect to for the first time. I am using a PC with USB, an AB-1747-UIC A with USB connection, running through a DH-485 Link Coupler to the CPU. I have configured a DF1 driver, and a UIC driver both successfully in RS Linx, but the CPU will not show up in RS Who, therefore I cannot connect to it. I have tested that the connection is good to the CPU, as the driver would not be successful otherwise. I cannot figure out why the PLC does not populate in RS Who. Any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, We recently had the hard drive fail on our PLC laptop. Once out IT guy loaded all of our data on the new HDD I went to work re hosting our activations and enabling them on the new HDD. An issue has come up where on one particular device, I am unable to see the 1756-A17/B backplane beyond the 1756-ENBT module in RSLinx calssic gateway. After i configure the driver, I am able to see that there is a 1756-ENBT module, and it even has the (+) to drop down the hierarchy, but the backplane never shows. Strange thing is, I have another machine on a 1756-EN2T module and i can explore the backplane with no issues at all. We had no connectivity issues before the hard drive crashed. I have everything else communicating. I've scoured the forums and knowledge base and have tried everything that has been mentioned to fix this: downloaded all the EDS I could find pertaining to said cards/modules/backplane deleted the harmony files   Like I said, I can "see" there is a ENBT module, it knows what kind of module it is, there is no yellow question mark or red "x" just for whatever reason when i hit the drop down button the backplane isnt being found.   A push in the right direction would be muchly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, Does anybody have experienced problem with communication while connecting  32k and 16k plcs to same SCADA via factory talk linx?   Does anybody have got problem with communication while RSView32 and FTView were used simultaneously with same plcs in different pcs with different shortcut names?
  5.   Hi all, Iam currently working with a migration project from Rsview32 to FTView. I was able to convert the RSView32 SCADA to FTView successfully. Current scenario is like RSView32 (which was the existing pcs) SCADA is running in two stand alone PCs and Iam trying to line up the new Factory talk view SCADA in another system.Communication is taken from same ethernet switch to which all ethernet cables from 5PLCs in the field are terminated and from which RSView32 scada has taken itz communication. PLCs used there are 2 No.of  1747 L532E slc 5/03 OS302 Ser c Frn 10 & later and 3 Nos of 1747 L533E slc 5/03 OS302 aer c Frn 10 & later. communication taken via net eni (1761 NetEni) Ftview installed system is Windows 10 pro OS) Issue is while RSView32 scada is working properly, Factory talk view is not getting neither online tags nor able to play display for those linked with L533E processor.But everything is fine with L532E processor. I just tried with downloading L533E program to L532E processor and everything was getting. So am i missing something or what should i do to get proper communication with L533E processor.   plz help..Iam a beginner in this field.
  6. After a recent windows 7 update, RS Who has come up with yellow "?" on all network modules. RS Linx is working fine, being able to data mine all modules. I have rolled back the windows update to a previous version. This did not help. I have uninstalled and re-installed RSLogix 5000 to not avail. Have updated to the latest module profiles in RS Logix and downloaded and installed the latest EDS files. Still RS Logix will not see the network in RS Who. As I support many different versions and models for a wide variety of customers, this is causing considerable grief. Has anyone else had this problem and if  so, how did they get around it? Is there a way of directly setting a processor path, without going through RS Who? My local AB supplier is confounded. Screen shots in attached file. RS Who Problems.docx