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  1. Yesterday one of the guys on the shop floor had a fatal error on a NX PLC. The error code points to a power interruption during program download. From what I hear it wasn't apparent that there was a power outage (maybe I didn't get the full story?). Regardless there was a fatal error and the only option seems to be to clear all memory. We did this but forgot to power cycle so had to do this a few times before we did more reading. After clearing the fatal error, we realized that all retain variable values were cleared. For this we had to manually input some values back into memory to get the machine going again.  Is there a way to store retained values into like a spreadsheet? We had to go back to some screenshots that I had taken to put some of our values back. It's ok but not entirely convenient. I remember you can upload the memory values from a CJ2 PLC and keep it as a .mem file. Then you can just download this again to restore the PLC memory values. I don't think the NX PLC has this? I am also reading up now on the NX PLC backup function. It seems like doing a backup will also store the retain variable values. Maybe this is the only way to backup and restore?
  2. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    Hi All, Just to verify if the "memory card" , in attached document Page 4 highlighted area ,  provides Omron CJ2M CPU21 to retain memory when powered off? If yes, for how long can the memory lasts without being charged? Isit capacitor or battery? Thanks in advance. Regards, Summer cj2m-cpu31.pdf
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to omron stuff. I have been given a task to execute a timer with retentive values on power off. I want to retain timer value when plc turn on after shut down. Timer should be start from where it stops on power failure. How to do that could anyone help me out here?