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  1. Hello; Need some information about the correct procedure of replacing an I/O TM2AMI4LT module. My problem: have 3 same modules TM2AMI4LT and I think someone changed their position. Now the system is showing multiple errors on HMI display. Therefore, machine stays on hold, safe lock.   What I like to know is; Do I need to upload the application of the system after I have replaced a I/O module ?   Second question: If I replace a I/O TM2AMI4LT module for a new one, does the system will function as before after startup, this without an upload?   Last question: Does an I/O TM2AMI4LT contains a “fixed” software address, once programmed?   Hope to read your advise soon.
  2. Dear all, I have an Allen Bradley Control panel with SLC L542C 5/04 CPU, it is used to control an RO water desalination unit, unfortunately the CPU has a fetal Fault and need to be replaced, the only available one is 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU, the problem is when downloading the PLC Program to the new CPU, using RSLogix 500, it failed due to smaller memory of A series CPU 24K while the C series CPU was 32K, is there any way to reduce the program size to be used with 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU? what is a proper way to get the new CPU run with the control program? Thank you all in advance.
  3. Program lost after battery replace

    We think so we lost the program after a battery replace, because the program isn´t loaded on GOT. Is it possible restore it by the PLC?
  4. Hello, i would to know if there is differences to replace a 1747-L552B/C CPU with a 1747-L552. We have some problems to find in Europe a exactly type of this cpu (it's also much expensive), but there are avaible many  L552 code. Best regards, Ennio
  5. Second day using Proficy. Needing to cookie cut from a template program that references I/O devices in the HMI variables. Currently I have to edit each one individually, and there are thousands of tags to be changed, times the number of cloned systems I am creating. How can I automate this mind numbing, and error prone work?
  6. Dear All, I am a new on this forum and this is my fist post. I am using Mitsubishi Melsec A cpu (A1SJH) which is now communicat with GOT GT1155-QTBDA. Right now plc base rack right side last port is using for HMI communication. I want to replace only GOT with any other brand. Can any one suggest which make HMI can support with A1SJH CPU. Thanks in Advance
  7. Hi there I have a panelview in plant and when I try to buy, it tells me this obsolete, someone will know what is the recommended replacement for this equipment Rockwell, part number is 27711P-T7C4D1 or when i can found this number replacement part thanks a lot guys for the help Angel Leiva Project Manager Ingenieria Autintrol CA 584242608153