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  1. Dear sir,  all the master plc in the world. I'am newbie about modbus TCP/IP qj71mt91 modul mitsubishi. I have problem to configure   qj71mt91 with master and slave .I have 3 qj71mt91 and one of them  for master slave. I connect with switch ( hub) Please suggest me how to set up or configure parameter for master and 2 slave  Slave first = d0 to  d300.( Read by master)                    = m100 to m300 ( write from master ) Slave 2nd = D500 to D1000 ( read by master )                   =  M400 to m500 ( write from master) Master Ip addres. CPU )                        QJ71MT91) Slave 1st = CPU )                  = (QJ71MT91) Slave 2nd = ( Qj71mt91) Thanks for your attention and support. Best regards . Udjojojo
  2. hello everyone,, I use the QD03UDV PLC and the modbus QJ71MT91 module, I want to test the module using modbus poll but it fails continuously, and when I upload the program to the LED notification PLC "COM.ERR." the module is ON ... but in GX Works2 I have no errors .. why is it like that, can someone help me?