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  1. QJ71E71-100 mail send

    I used a translator. Please understand. Use the QJ71E71-100 card. If the machine has an alarm, I would like to send it to the machine manager's Google email. Is it possible? Is there a reference program?
  2. Dear all member forum plc , Hello anyone can suggest me,how to communicate QJ71E71-100 WITH OPC Takebishi,How to to configure parameter on QJ71E71 -100 and OPC server Takebishi,I Want to aqcuisition data machine to database,
  3. Hello,  I am trying to communicate with a QJ71E71 , via a PC  I am using the melsoft protocol via a software called Delphi that i created.  As of now i am able to ping the E71 , but when i send data (loop test)  it does not send anything back.  I have started with a loopback test as it seemed easy enough.  i send this according to wireshark. but nothing in return.  Is there something i am missing?  do i need to have any ladder logic in the PLC to communicate via UDP?  Thanks 54001234000000FF03FF0000210010061900000005ABCDE Settings are as follows: Module 1 Network type : ethernet Start IO: 0020 network no, group no , station no : 1 status Online OPERATION SETTING are as follows ASCII Code, Always wait for OPEN, Enable Online Change is true.    for Open setting protocol : UDP fixed buffer : send fixed buffer communication : Procedure Exist Pairing : disable Confirmation : no confirm Host station port 4001 then my IP and Port is 1398  not sure if correct port? or if that matters?      
  4. Hello. I'm new here. I tried to communicate between QJ71E71 &inverter using ethernet, i haven't been successful at all. My program only has ZP.OPEN & ZP.CLOSE, i just trying to test the connection and i got COM ERR, i looked in ethernet diagnotic and i got error code C017. I:m using plc Q03UDECPU & GXWorks2. IP Q003UDE : IP QJ71E71 : port : 8000 IP INVERTER : port : 5700
  5. QJ71E71 100

    Dear Anyone. Anyone can help me. How to communication two plc Q SERIES MITSUBISHI.With QJ71E71 100.It Can Read/write .Can Show me. example instruction command ladder.or parameter CPU 1.D0 to d300. CPU 2 D400 to D700. Two Plc can Communication  read / write data register. Thanks you for your attention.
  6. Hi, I have the following configuration where 4 PLC panels, with each having a Q12PH CPU and QJ71E71-100 module. All these QJ71E71-100 are connected to a HUB using straight cable. From the HUB one connection is going to an I-Fix SCADA which is already communicating with all 4 PLCs using MC protocol. I want to send data from 3 of this PLCs to the 4th PLC in the same network using fixed buffer communication. Can anyone provide a sample program for the same. Send and Receive side. I am using GX Works 2 for programming. Your help is very much appreciated.
  7. Hello all. Long time forum reader, first time forum poster. I'm in a controls role (first job out of college) and this has had me stumped for a while: We have our PLCs connected to our plant network through QJ71E71-100 cards. We use them for data collection/applications with OPC. For that purpose, it works fine.  We also use the "Station No. <-> IP Information" settings with conjunction with JP.READ and JP.WRITE to send information between some PLCs through the plant network, it also works fine. For the PLCs that we do not use the "Station No. <-> IP Information", remote connecting works well, no problem. The problem we have is we want to connect to the PLCs remotely for troubleshooting/monitoring. Any PLC that use JP.READ / JP.WRITE commands and has the "Station No. <-> IP Information" setup (Table Exchange System), we can not connect to remotely. It gives the standard error message as if we are connecting to something that doesn't exist. This has been happening for years (same issue with GX Developer). We have tried new Ethernet cards with newer firmware. We have verified that we are not trying to use an occupied station number, we are using the correct network. Mitsubishi Reps have been stumped and point to our IS department as being the issue.  We have talked to our IS department about this with our Mitsubishi Reps, our switches/hubs have the same configurations throughout the plant (by the way other lines don't have this trouble, even though they use similar commands) I've looked at buffer memory settings of other lines to see if there are any differences between ours, and theirs and there were none. I've attached screenshots of the error message that we get when trying to connect to one of these PLCs. Does anyone have any insight on this problem?  If anyone needs more information, feel free to respond to the topic. Also greetings all, I've learned a lot for this forum in general.   
  8. Hi everyone. I created project in Visual Studio 2010 using MX Component (AxActQJ71E71TCP Control). It seems everything works normally. But when I turn off PLC or remove Ethernet cable from the QJ71E71 module my windows form gets frozen. My question is how to define lost connection in case of turning off plc or removing cable and inform user about it. Is there any event handler in VS or any way to find solution? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am working on the following setup: External server connecting to PLC system via QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module and using MC protocolConnection via LAN cable (straight-though) between external server and QJ71E71-100 Ethernet moduleGoal is to pull data from PLC system via the use of MC protocol + 4E frame + ASCII data code + batch read Word units (via 0401 command, which is part of MC protocol)External server will act as TCP client, while QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module should act as TCP serverThe external server is using custom software (programmed in Python) to query/process response. At this moment I can 1) "ping" the QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module successfully, 2) connect to it via TCP socket and 3) send data via TCP socket. All is working well so far BUT I am not getting any data back from QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module. My setting are as follows: IP address of external server = (it binds the socket to port 1500 of this external server when initiating communication). The external server will always initiate communication to query data whenever needed, FYI. IP address of QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module =, and it connects to port = 1500The Ethernet diagnostic tool indicates that my TCP packets are being received ("Total Number of Receives" increase every time data is sent), and that TCP response packets are being sent (increases in tandem with "Total Number of Receives" (apologies for poor picture quality): Would someone in the forum have experienced a similar issue (meaning that you could connect + send data from external server, but no data was getting sent back from QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module to external server? Are there some obvious mistakes in the configurations to the experienced eyes in this forum? For your information I am not using any gateway for the connection: it's a straight-through LAN cable from the external server directly into the QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module. Would such a setup work out of the box, or do I need to configure "Router Relay" or "Station No <-> IP information" within GX developer? Lastly I have not configured FTP, email or Interrupt settings, FYI. Thank you for your help, feel lost with this TCP connection issue. Regards to all forum readers! PS: find attached the pictures detailing configuration settings for both QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module and external server.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm new at Mitsubishi Q series. I can make a connection between PC and PLC through ethernet and read/write from/to registers. When I try to connect second PC to PLC I can't do it and get error. How can I set Network parameters of QJ71E71 module to communicate multiple PCs to PLC? Thanks.
  11. This is my company's first time using a Mitsubishi PLC and our partners/clients advised us against using the built-in Ethernet port on the Q03UDE CPU, saying that we should instead use a standalone QJ71E71 Ethernet module. The QJ71E71 costs 1.5x the CPU module so there are significant savings in using the built-in Ethernet. They cited reliability issues but can anyone here back up their claim? We use our PLCs as simple I/O blocks - a PC runs a program which communicates with the PLC and tells it what outputs to fire. There is no actual ladder logic on the PLC. The PC connects directly to the PLC. I wrote a small C# utility that blasts the QX40 and QY80 input/output cards on my stack with random values and reads them back to ensure correct data transfer. The QJ71E71 Ethernet module averages 10 ms for a read or write operation and the Q03UDE averages 3 or 4 ms (much quicker!). So, does anyone have a reason to use the QJ71E71 port instead of the CPU? Thanks