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  1. FX 3U to Q CPU wireless Communication

    Hello experts, i want to connect 9 FX3U units with one  Q cpu base PLC unit over wifi, can you plz share the configuration details.
  2. Hi, I am facing the strange problem with QCPU (Q03UDE) Controller, I have multiple modules in my project ( Analog, Modbus & Digital Modules) but after some time a random error comes and all my analog Chanel values hold the last values, meanwhile controller does not show any error in the diagnostic tool. After rebooting the PLC power Chanel values start to update. This thing happens randomly.  Kindly help me.  Thanks in advance
  3. Greetings everyone, I'm new to Mitsubishi PLCs and have run into something that probably requires more guidance then I can dig up on my own. I've been asked to upgrade 5  ACPU series to an IQ-R series(r08en-cpu to be exact).   I have purchased gx works 3(includes gx works 2, and gx developer).  I found some (almost useless) documentation on converting the program over.   Thus far, I have done the following 1. opened gx developer, changed the plc type to q13udem, confirmed the changes, saved as a new file 2. opened gx works 2, opened other data file, selected the file I saved in step 1, saved this file in the new gx works 2 format 3. opened up gx works 3, and opened Gx Works 2 format file, and saved it as gx works 3.   when I go to change the CPU type from the R120(or whatever default gx works 3 does without asking), to R08EN-CPU it bitches about not having a network card to the right of the CPU.     is there an easy way to insert this module?  or an easy way to shift all the cards down a slot to facilitate this?  what other steps will I need to take to convert over an antique project such as this to an IQR my local distrubuter has been about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.    
  4. STructured function PID blocks.

    Version 1.0.0


    PID block example ,sample  libraries
  5. STructured function PID blocks. View File PID block example ,sample  libraries Submitter deepanasheith Submitted 08/22/16 Category PLC Sample Code
  6. Hi , I need help in assigning Link refresh setting between PLCS ,B and W address exchange between QCPU s and  two DOPL module  connected in ring network configuration. We  have used qj71lp21-25 in 5 cpu station.