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  1. Greetings everyone, I'm new to Mitsubishi PLCs and have run into something that probably requires more guidance then I can dig up on my own. I've been asked to upgrade 5  ACPU series to an IQ-R series(r08en-cpu to be exact).   I have purchased gx works 3(includes gx works 2, and gx developer).  I found some (almost useless) documentation on converting the program over.   Thus far, I have done the following 1. opened gx developer, changed the plc type to q13udem, confirmed the changes, saved as a new file 2. opened gx works 2, opened other data file, selected the file I saved in step 1, saved this file in the new gx works 2 format 3. opened up gx works 3, and opened Gx Works 2 format file, and saved it as gx works 3.   when I go to change the CPU type from the R120(or whatever default gx works 3 does without asking), to R08EN-CPU it bitches about not having a network card to the right of the CPU.     is there an easy way to insert this module?  or an easy way to shift all the cards down a slot to facilitate this?  what other steps will I need to take to convert over an antique project such as this to an IQR my local distrubuter has been about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.    
  2. STructured function PID blocks.

    Version 1.0.0


    PID block example ,sample  libraries
  3. STructured function PID blocks. View File PID block example ,sample  libraries Submitter deepanasheith Submitted 08/22/16 Category PLC Sample Code
  4. Hi , I need help in assigning Link refresh setting between PLCS ,B and W address exchange between QCPU s and  two DOPL module  connected in ring network configuration. We  have used qj71lp21-25 in 5 cpu station.