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  1. Hello Everyone... I got a project of pumping station... Need your help to fulfill client requirements through PLC logic...   #System# There are 6 pumps, every pump is Controlled by Individual VFD, and all 6 VFDs are in Communication with PLC. Output header is common for all pumps, and a Pressure Transmitter is connected at output header...   #Logic Requirements# Now when we start sequence in auto, the least run hour vfd should start first and increase the frequency slowly to maintain the pressure setpoint, now if vfd1 at 50hz and pressure is lower then the SP next vfd according to run hour should start and and increase frequency slowly, afterwords 3rd vfd according to runhour and so on untill pressure match SP, then maintain the pressure of header... If pressure increases above the setpoint, last started vfd should reduce rpm and shut down first and then second last started to shutdown and so on... And client also need enable-disbale logic, if they mark a pump disable then that pump should not start... Can you help me out and suggest anything, or provide some sample backups or documents ?