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  1. ascii read

    hellow I trayng to read ascii code on LT-4301TM , from a honeywell scaner , I can view the ascii on the screen no problem but in mi leader show a difrent numer 
  2. Hello, I am having an issue transferring a project from a Proface HMI Model: PS-3711A to my laptop. I am connected through ethernet and using the same subnet, when I load the Transfer tool from Win Pro EX (version 4.09) and select the receive button it launches a window that seaches for my HMI which it is able to successfully locate.  When I select the HMI from the auto search window, it connects and begins to transfer data, where it gets stuck at "Receiving Project" forever.  Tried just about everything I can think of. I normally work with rockwell so I am not very familiar with pro-face products.  Just wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue, or had any ideas for getting around it.   Thank you
  3. I'm trying to get an older system up and running again. I'm using the software from the original build and a new screen off the shelf. (we had one new in the box never been opened.) The program downloads fine but It never shows up on the screen. I get the same Ethernet setup screen that it originally powered up to new from box . I pulled the program from the same model screen and I can upload it to the old screen just fine. but it will not work with new screen, even though it seems to upload just fine.  Software is Quickdesigner 3.70 (yes it older)  Screen is a Proface GP2400-TC41-24V (which is the same model number of the old screen) Any help is greatly appreciated. (yes I cycled power)