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  1. I'm new to PAC Machine Edition so I don't know if the lack of performance of the programming environment is normal or is it my laptop. It seems like every mouse click, every anything has a delay to it. The literature claims that this is high performance but I've not experienced that. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. As I am relatively new to the PLC world (I worked with only one brand), and I will probably go to "Hannover Messe 2019", I would like to be able to quantitatively evaluate the performance of other PLCs compared to the one I currently use. One of the reasons for my trip will be to analyze other up to date available solutions. I-m not concerned about costs (software licensing, hardware price, etc ...), I'm more interested to focus on the performance aspects. Is there any standardized or common use metrics for performance comparison of PLCs from different manufacturers ?
  3. Factorytalk Historian SE Timer

    Hi, I am looking for help on creating a simple timer tag on Factory talk historian se. I want to start the timer tag (in seconds) when my machine is not running, once the machine starts i want the tag to reset. The digital source tag is the machine on/off tag from the PLC.   I have played around with the Totalizers in PI system Management tools but i have not got it to work correctly Thanks in Advance,   Ronan