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  1. File Name: A-B Ethernet Driver for .NET File Submitter: Automated Solutions File Submitted: 13 Dec 2007 File Category: Demo Software .NET Component for use in Visual Studio.NET to create HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with A-B ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micro800 Series, PLC5, SLC500, and MicroLogix PLCs via Ethernet. Supports unsolicited messages Does not require OPC, RSLinx, or 3rd party drivers. x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible Visual Studio.NET 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013 Compatible Most .NET targets are supported, including Web, Windows, console, and service apps. Can be configured programmatically or visually Visually design your entire communications configuration without writing a single line of code Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time Supports ControlLogix family native tag names Supports reading and writing entire ControlLogix family UDTs and PDTs Supports block transfers of up to 250 words per transaction Tag database can be configured via code or visual designer Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods Data change notifications Provides common user interface across all driver classes No limit on number of devices or data points Multi-threaded for high data throughput Includes extensive help system Example applications with VB and C# source code included. Easily connect office systems to factory floor. Runtime-free for qualified applications Click here to download this file