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  1. PID Loop Help

    Hello everyone, I am need some help with a project,  we are using liquid nitrogen to cool a product which runs on a conveyor through a tunnel which has liquid nitrogen controlled by a proportional valve using a thermocouple and a PID loop in the PLC currently i have a PIDE loop set in the PLC the temperatures have been scaled  (-150 to + 50 PV and set points from -20 to -100) to a range 0f 0 (-150) to 200 (+50) output from the PIDE is inverted for analogue output 0 - 10V What i want to know is - is this right in terms of scaling or should i be looking to do this another way  dont have much experience with PID in PLCs so any advice would be greatly appreciated   Regards Matt
  2. I have an application that I'm having trouble figuring out. Basically, I want to make an automatic hot/cold water faucet for a beer brewing process. I will have 2 control valves, one for hot water, and one for cold water. The hot water supply will be at about 200F, and the cold water will be around 60F. Each will receive an analog command signal, 0-100%. There will also be a flow meter and a temperature sensor, and these will each generate an analog signal. There will be 2 different user-settable setpoints: Flow rate and Temperature. The temperature setpoint will always be between 140F and 180F, so a mix of both hot and cold water will always be required. Flow rate will be variable depending on the grains being used and the speed that grain is being added to the process. I'm imagining that there should probably be two PID loops, using two PIDE function blocks. One will take the Temperature Setpoint, the other will take the Flow rate setpoint. The temperature sensor's analog signal will be the process variable for the Temperature PIDE block, and the flow rate will be the process variable for the Flow rate PIDE block. This all seems fairly straight forward. The issue comes with deciding how the Control Variables should be set up. Since I have only one temperature PID loop, how can I use the one Control Variable to actuate both valves to hit the temperature setpoint? If I can figure out how one CV can control two valves, how can I use the CV from the flow rate PID loop to then adjust the valves to hit the flow rate setpoint when both valves are already receiving a signal from the temperature PID loop? It seems like the separate PID loops will be fighting each other. Is there some way around this problem? This might be a good candidate for a Cascaded PID loop, but I'm not sure because the two PID loops are going to be about the same speed. Thank you for your help!
  3. PIDE autotune problem

    Dear Experts!!!! Can you tell me the complete clear cut procedure of  PIDE autotune functioin And plz tell me when i shoukd do it ??? I.e. when the set point near the actual or when its far away and reaching to the SP. Can't i do it in FBD in Auto mode :  If yes then how??? Have to put FBD Block in manual mode always???? Any other way to autotune it???