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  1. I have two PF527 devices in a bus. These are in the same motion group. If I take the ethernet cable off, it will not connect the PF527 anymore back to the be controlled. I can find it on the net (ping is OK) and it is not showing any fault. In the PF527, there is reading 'connecting' and in the Studio5000 axis is showing 'Synchronizing'. Any resetting from the PLC does not affect to the situation. Also taking power off and on from the PF527 does not help. Only way is that I switch off the power from the PLC and after that it will be fine. I would like to understand, what is happening at this moment when it is synchronizing and why it is not successful? Is there any other way to get PF527 back to normal state than the PLC power off / on?
  2. I had axis fault, which stopped the PF527. Only way to go on was to switch power off and on again. Checking the faults&alarms, I find out that the reason was Bus Undervoltage user limit. This made 'Immediate Stop' for the PF527. Looking at the parameters, I can not find any parameter for this. In the manual it is said 'DC Bus voltage level is below user defined limit given by Bus Undervoltage User Limit, or device defined limit if the user limit attribute is not supported.' What does it mean?  Is there parameter for this limit? Checking the AXIS_CIP_DRIVE tag parameters, DCBusVoltage is not showing anything, why is that? => Reason found, not marked in 'Axis properties' Cyclic Parameters page
  3. I need to use digital outputs of PF527 drive. Controlling the outputs, it does not do anything. Relay outputs are working fine, but opto outputs do not work. For the outputs, there are relays connected, using pin 6,7 and 17.
  4. Hello Sirs! I have a problem with PF527. I get alarms 'control sync alarm' and 'module sync alarm' occasionally. I suppose this meaning that PLC is missing some data from the PF527 device. How to confirm this or what should I do with the problem? Any ideas? Motion group update period is 8ms. Also this device is the last device in the ethernet line. I am thinking to pull the cable directly to the switch near PLC. I am not sure does it help?  
  5. powerflex 527

    Hi I am about to program a new project with 34 Powerflex 527 drives. The controller is a L71s with safety partner and i want to use the Integrated STO over Ethernet with my controller. The pf527 should only be used for basic HZ control. My question is = Do some of you have experience with PF527 drives and the STO function over Ethernet ? and  also know how to run the drives basic with HZ control ? Maybe I can get a little sample code to I can read. I have slowly started but I think I have gone a little stuck  With kindly regards Peter