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  1. CPM1A Backup/password

    Hi all, I hope one of you kind people could help me: I have an Omron CPM1A CPU where the outputs are damaged. I have a new blank CPU and I would like to transfer the program, however, the UM is read-protected. The backup tool doesn't seem to cater for the CPM1A. Is there any other way the program could be transferred? The customer does not have the program or the password. I do not believe that I am interfering with any intellectual rights here because the OEM are long since departed and all I want to do is transfer the program, not modify it. Many thanks in advance. JG.
  2. PLC Password

    Hai All, I have proble on the PLC (CJ1G), this PLC used on the Wrench....When I operate the wrench...the indicator lamp of the Digital Output already light...but there is no voltage on the terminal of Digital output... And I want to ask, how to know the diagram ladder because the supplier of the wrench dont gived PLC Password to us...can I see the diagram ladder without password? Thank you....
  3. Several years ago before I arrived at my company, an integrator came in to do the automation on our system. They used a Controllogix 1756-L61S for the safety portion of the project. Apparently, when they completed the job they did not provide the source code with comments, safety password, etc. for anything and it got ugly between our company and theirs. In other words, they would not provide it if we went back to ask them. Allen Bradley has told us that we can not make any alterations now to the safety logic because we do not have the password that was used to create it. And they said there is no longer a master password that you could use like in previous controllers. Does anybody know of any workarounds for this? Or have heard of anything that might possibly work?
  4. I am using TIA portal to make HMI screens for a KTP700 BASIC HMI panel. I am using the built-in password protection pop-up screen. Is it possible to change the font size of text items on the password protection screen? The text, and the user and password fields are a bit small. I would like to make them bigger. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, Can a password protected PLC be updated with a help a memory cassette? The documentation states that it is not possible. But if the memory cassette is protected with the same keyword? Thank you.
  6. MP277 UpLoad - Security Mode

    Hi everybody! I'm in a new challenge, we have a machine with MP277 HMI and I need upload the program to do some changes. The problem is the program is protected with a password, so when I click on "Control Panel" where I supposed set the HMI in "Transfer Mode" a password is requested There's an way to break this security and upload the program? Thanks in advance!