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  1. We have just moved our facility and we have discovered a box of Siemens parts (and a few random other signal converters etc). I've attached a list of parts if anyone is interested, they are all all new in the box. We'd be interested in selling at a very fair value, reach out if you're interested. Also if you know of a good surplus place to sell the lot to please let me know.  Siemens Inventory.pdf
  2. Which one Baldor Motor is best for Industrial purpose like food processing?? Please suggest .
  3. AB 1336

    I'm a newbie fixing an AB 1336. We blew the IGBT and need a replacement. I do know that it is a Fuji Electric 6MBI 6x50A and I believe it has a 600V rating. However, the part number on the part is incomplete and I can't get a full part number out of Rockwell. A search of the Fuji site hasn't revealed a part with a matching pinout. Any help regarding the Fuji part no and where to find a used one would be greatly appreciated. The board part number is A74104-251-53. Attached is a picture of the pinout as it is soldered in the board (not a great picture but I'm sure you'll get the idea)