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  1. First of all, I'm running version 20.01.00 CCW. I have a project that uses a mciro870 and panelview 800. It also has 11 powerflex 525 VFD's attached, all ethernet. Everything has been going well but today I hit a wall when importing tags into the Panelview device group.  I currently have a little over 800 tags and will have about 1400 I think when finished. The Plc section shows tons of memory available and when I check through 'config' on the Pv800 itself, it also has tons of memory left. When I do the import, it brings in 744 tags and then skips the remaining one. It even includes that in the msg block after the import. It has to see that tags or it wouldn't know that they are being skipped. I've been trying to work with Rockwell support ( of course I got the new guy who's never seen the software before) and my local distributor.  I've looked through the rockwell knowledge base, the manuals and online and I haven't seen this problem posted. Does anyone know if there is a limitation on the number of tags? I can't image an odd number like 744. thanks, mark    
  2. Hello guys, I'm a new guy with Panel View 800 and I have few questions from beginning. I have an application 2x PV800 4" and 1x CompactLogix L24ER.This application require recipe management and I've found that PV800 has weird-different representation of recipe management. I can't figure out how to add additional recipe to the recipe list. Usually I can add new blank recipe without any extra steps, but it's not "add recipe" buttons. I'm looking an answer for next questions: - how to add new blank recipe my template that I made ( picture - - how to get currently loaded recipe name? I have assigned status tag, but it always shows me a number. I didn't find any sort of system tags with selected recipe. - I have installed CCW software v.12. It allows me to create a project with PV800 FW 5.011, but I got a panel with default FW 5.013. How can I add new firmware version into my CCW software? I found AB video about PV800 and recipe ( but it useless without an example file.   Thank you in advance! Regards, Scotty
  3. Communication

    good evening. Someone can give tips on how to configure and physical the application with the following items: Advanced Interface Converters (AIC +), PanelView800 2711R-T7T A and MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controllers My doubts are about the configuration of the communication, and I have doubts about the physical environment and protocol to be used.  
  4. I have been searching on how to import logic 500 tags to connected component workbench for panel view 800 project and striking out is there a way to do it? Project is to replace optimate  OM440  HMI connected to MicroLogix 1500 with a panel view 2711R-T7T. Replacing the controler is out of the question at this point. Tom
  5. I'm getting ready to use a 4" PanelView800 with the Micro820, this is my first time, can anybody recommend a good Video, tutorial? I just going to display about 4 or 6 lines of "Instructions" and then have just 2 "Touch Buttons" a START & FINISH. Thanks