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  1. Hi, I'm kind of a newbie at this, but we just replaced a panelview 1200 on a line. But I need to download the program to it. since I couldn't find the old file on our companies computers my thoughts were to upload the panel view program from one that is already working and then transfer it to the brand new used panelveiw that we replaced the old one with, but I haven't had luck. I keep getting a "no response from PanelView terminal" I tried using Panelbuild1200 in dosbox and on windows prompt in XP, but still no luck.  The solution from Rockwell's site is the following.  " This error message is normally seen if no cable is connected between the computer and the PanelView terminal Check cabling. Check comm port settings on the computer in the PanelView 1200 software and the PanelView terminal. Verify that the com port is available. If faster style computers (having 386, 486, 586 processors) are being used, this message may appear. It could be the case that the high speed processor is over running data at the comm port. To minimize this possibility, reduce the baud rate and try downloading again. Ensure that the Panelview terminal has the UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD screen displayed before attempting to download via the RS-232 port. "