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  1. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    I have an old system that needed some HMI modifications, it comminucates with DH+. The 232 port on the HMI does not work even if I disable the printer. I have tried to create a memory card with a linear flash but the HMI says it is not formatted correctly. I was able to get the DH+ pass through on the processor to show the Panelview on RsLinx however PanelBuilder32 can not communicate with it. Perhaps I am making the memory card wrong?  Windows 10 with latest version of AB software. I am not too familiar with Panelview or DH+, so anything helps.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Justin
  2. Hi This is my first time using AB PV 600 and panelbuilder32. I do not have the original CD since it was bought long time ago. I am looking for few examples to configure this HMI to display a simple welcome message and is there a way to conenct an access database to the panelbuilder32. Thanks
  3. I am creating a project for a PanelView 600, I'm using PanelBuilder32. I'm curious if someone can explain the difference between the .PVA and .PBA options when saving the project. Which file type should I save my project when I download it to the PanelView. Thank you.