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  1. Hi i have to add a servo to an existing setup that uses OMRON NJ series PLC and OMRON servos. But i have an Schneider LXM 32 AC servo derive and servo motor. Is it possible, If yes then how can i go about it.
  2. Hi, I have a screen developed for supervisor access only but I would like to have an area to type in a password, and when the password is typed in correctly I'd like it to open a certain page. I'm not experienced with interactive text boxes or keypads etc. Is someone able to help me out determine what I need to do? Thanks 
  3. NX1P2 conection a CJ2M

    I made an Ethernet connection between an NX1P2 and a CJ2M using network configurator and I already have a real-time data input and output connection in the memory of both plcs. I need to send a 20-byte word and when the NX1P2 is modified in the CJ2M using Sysmac Studio, it receives that string of bits, decompresses each bit to be able to activate the NX1P2 outputs.
  4. Detect CF memory card activity

    Hi! I'm looking for a way to detect if/when a backup has been made to the CF memory card and a way to detect if a backup has been written from the CF memory card to the PLC memory. A counter, a time/date, etc? In short: detect backup and/or restore Application: Trigger an audit log event on a seperate system Any known solutions?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the Omron PLC, we have a job that require we change the balluff master port from IO link to Stander IO output, i read some resource online saying that it has to be done though the cx configurator, i followed the instruction and tried to remove the module connection from the cx configurator and change the parameter and add it again. during this sequence i encounter some problem, the IO size for balluff master module is 392byte input and 262byte output, i've tried to add input though D17350 and output though D17550, i was only able to add one of them successfully, when going to the other one the softerware came  up with a error saying the it exceed the total tag size that the device supported, i tried to decrease the tag size but it would now match the device IO size when i tried to register it. all i need is to change the module's function from IO link to stander IO, hope someone has experience in these area can provide me some help Thanks     
  6. Lately I have been having a struggle importing tags into JMobile from a CJ2M CPU31, I can enter tags directly and it works OK, but when I try to import tags nothing works, there are the yellow triangles on all the widgets. I tried to import using the "normal" Ethernet protocol by first making a .CXR file from the global symbol list, it seems to create the dictionary, and I can update the taglist and the tags appear to have the correct datatype and address, but no joy. I also tried the EthernetIP protocol by making a cjf file, funny thing is that worked for a while, but stopped communicating after a while. I have successfully used the EthernetIP import on another  CJ2M/Exor eSmart. Any way of troubleshooting this, adding 50+ tags by hand is not very tempting :( Geir
  7. I've setup an Omron NX102 PLC with two CIF105 cards communicating with about 40 MX2 VSD's (20 on each card). Generally it works pretty well. I used the attached document to set up the devices. The links on the document to the examples don't work, so I'm unsure if I missed anything. My problem is that every day, sometimes multiple times a day the communication seems to die. i.e I either loose the output to the VSD and nothing will run. Or it all runs but I loose the feedback, as in I get no running signal even though the drives are running causing a fault in my program. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what might be causing the issue. To resolve it, I put the PLC into program mode and back into run mode and everything is happy again.    Has anyone had a similar issue or offer any advise? MX2_Control_Serial.pdf
  8. hello, anyone. I want to ask about file which is I cant open. I was uploding HMI NB series but the file is only .pkg and when I decompile, it cant be done/ failed.. can anybody help me and explaine how is it can be? I use NB3Q-TW01B. thank you.
  9. Hi all, I am working on a safety PLC conversion project, for which I need to identify the input word address configured on a PSS AI IP card. The manual from the official website shows the address configuration via a DOS tool. I do have PSS SW PG WIN 4.9, but the project file has been created with PSS WinPro 2.3. Within this software there is only the option to configure how the input channel behaves, not which input word is used (see attached screen grab). Anyone with a distant memory if the addresses can be set with PSS WinPro?  
  10. Hi there!   I'm trying to communicate a Weintek cMT2128X with a CP2EN via Ethernet. The thing is I'm getting 'No device response' messages every 2-3 seconds. They'are connected at some point because some values are updated, but the connection error keeps showing up. So far I've checked: - Comm. settings are okay in both sides - Wiring is good - Happens the same with a CJ2 CPU. - There are two arrays of 50 UINT each, I don't know if that's slowing things but that would surprise me...   I've worked with Weintek HMIs before (communicating with different CPUs: LOGO!, CP1, CJ2...) and never had this problem. I just set the IP addresses and everything was working fine, so I guess I'm missing something. Hope you can throw some light at this! Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all and good day, I'm working through my workflows with Sysmac studio.  I think I have a grasp on the PLC side, now I'm trying to foucs on the HMI side.  I have setup some data types on the PLC to store booleans, integers, etc. I am trying to pull the data from those data structures into a value display on the HMI however it is being most difficult.  This brought me to two immediate questions. 1. Can you display the value of a local variable on the PLC from the HMI or does it need to be a Global variable?  I'm familiar with Java so I do understand the concept of public versus private variables.  I'm just not sure if that is what is going on here or if I am just not querying the variable correctly.  2. How would you go about setting up a variable display of a variable that is part of a data structure?  I have my structure setup as well as the variable in the table to USE that data type however it is just giving me an error when trying to look at it from the HMI. Any help would be very much appreciated.  My apologies in advance if this is a repetitive question. Thanks, Red
  12. How to count to 120000

    I’m using a Omron CJ plc. I have a press that I need to count the shots up to 120000. I know that the. CNTRX is limited. So does anyone have an example of how to set this up? 
  13. Hello, I have problem with Import and Export data from PLC to USB drivers. I want to write script in Subroutine and I have working script in VB language from the Tia portal, Script is in the attachment but when I want to copy the script to Sysmac it gives many errors. Please give me some advice, how to write such a script.       CsvToDB.txt DbToCsv.txt
  14. Good afternoon, I've done a bit of research in regards to running a Zebra printer via ethernet from an Omron PLC but there's not much info out there. Has anyone had much success printing barcodes to a Zebra printer from PLC via ethernet? I'm using an Omron NA5 (HMI) which I've designed to displays 12 different buttons indicating different barcodes, but I'm unsure how to link these buttons to the specific barcode files that I've created in Zebra Designer.. Would anyone know how I might be able to accomplish this?
  15. Good morning, I'd like to start by saying that I am new to programming, so please bare with my very simple questions. I'm having issues trying to get a DataLamp on the HMI screen to change its behavior from lamp Off to lamp On after a specific process has been completed (not operated by a button). Is this possible or do lamps strictly operate by using a Button?
  16. Hi We are searching for a EtherCAT splitbox with safe digital inputs that is compatible with Omron NX. for a example a hardware like this one has anyone successfully connected this type of hardware to the omron ethercat network ?    /Best Regards 
  17. Hello,   Seeking for your help on my load cell module RS1201, I am having trouble on how to activate the Ch1_One_touch_Tare_Subtraction_Execution. I have used it on my HMI using that address for tare, upon pressing the momentary button the value would change to zero. But if I release the button, the value would turn back to it's initial value before pressing the Tare Button. How will I be able to zero it? Thank you for any suggestion you may give. 
  18. Hi All, I'm looking to setup communications between a digital force gauge and an Omron NX-CIF1010 RS232 serial communication interface.  Here is the Output Protocol from the Force Gauges Manual: Output Protocol RS-232 Parameter - Baudrate: 9600 - Data-Bit: 8 - Parity: none - Stop-bit: 1 The measured value is requested by the PC by the ASCII Sign “9”. I've tried to follow the youtube video, "How to communicate via RS 232 using an NX CIF to a PC" however setting up communication between the force gauge instead of a PC is proving difficult. How to communicate via RS 232 using an NX CIF to a PC - YouTube This is quite new to me so I'm trying to get my head around it at the moment so please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm reading values from the Force gauge in ASCII and I need to convert those values into another numerical value data type. I've seen in CX-Programmer, ASCII values being converted into Floating Point values using the "FVAL" instruction using Data registers however I can't use the same approach in Sysmac Studio. Do I need to clear the serial buffer everytime before I look to receive a numerical value from the force gauge? Here are details regarding the screenshots I've included below: 1) CIF101 Parameters to read Force Gauge Output Protcol in Sysmac Studio which should be matching the force gauges output protocol. 2) CIF101 IO Map in Sysmac Studio - ** I'm unsure if this is where I need to be linking the "RcvDat" input of the "NX_SerialRcv" function block? 3) CIF101 Sending Data Function Block - "NX_SerialBufClear" function block setup - "port_id" data type has been changed to "_sDevice_Port". 4) CIF101 Receiving Data Function Block - "NX_SerialRcv" function block setup 5) Global Variable - Array [0..3] OF BYTE - used in "RcvDat" input of "NX_SerialRcv" function block  6) Internal Variables Created  to send and receive data 7) Force Gauge RS232 Configuration 8) Force Gauge Output Protocol   Any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul  
  19. NMEA to CJ1M

    Hi there,    I need your help. I need to gather NMEA data to my cpu.  Whats the proper way to do it? I mean set serial port of cj and then to read ascii characters ?  
  20. Hi, Is there a way to write an Event Name to a string variable in Sysmac Studio? I'm using a NJ-301. My problem is that I can detect that there is an error and get the Error Code using functions GetECError, GetMCError, GetPLCError, etc, but I want to get the Event Name associated with the code (in a string variable), to display that string on an HMI (not from Omron). Is this possible?
  21. Omron plc to Citect Scada communication

    Hi Guys, I need some suggestion & solution regarding my recent project. The CQM1H plc which was used earlier is burnt and I am replacing it with CJ2M series Omron plc. Program transfer is possible from CQM1H to CJ2M. But the main issue is the system is controlled by Citect SCADA version 5.50 pack C. The communication of plc and Scada is through 2wire twisted pair cable. I just wanted to know when I replace the plc and convert the program do I have to change any settings or parameters in Scada? If I keep the same previous plc parameter in new plc and check the tags correctly in new plc as per old plc then the new system will communicate with Scada? I am new to citect scada so please provide your support and help.
  22. NT631C file not opening

    Dear All, I have uploaded program from NT631C-V3 4.2 via NT-Transfer Tool There was no error during upload. Now when I am trying to open the .mmi file in NT Support tool then it is showing error that "This version of the File cannot be Loaded" can anyone help me what is the solution? waiting  Thanks  
  23. Hello Everyone, I have a Omron CJ2M PLC, and I have configured the Ethernet/IP port of this PLC to communicate over ethernet connection. I want to read/write the DM, HR memory areas of Omron PLC (CJ2M) using eip protocol communication. Is there any protocol specification which explains the telegram structure to be sent over ethernet to be able to read/write the values in omron plc over EIP? I want to know the command structure which can be sent to PLC and PLC will respond with the proper response. 
  24. Hi everyone, I have a question for you all, Is possible to configure CJ2M-CPU11 with tags trough network configurator to connect Control Logix PLC using EthernetIP? I did a configuration with CJ2M-CPU31 and Control Logix PLC with no problem, but now I need to communicate CJ2M-CPU11 with Control Logix PLC using EthernetIP. Some of you did this configuration between this two PLC before? Regards!
  25. Hi everyone! I am attempting to read EIP tags from an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix from an Omron NX1P2 using the Sysmac Studio function block "CIPUCMMRead." I have been successful in reading arrays and single variables no problem. However, when I want to read arrays from a structure in the Allen-Bradley PLC, I always get an error code in the CIPUCMMRead ErrorID of either 0400 or 1C00 for ErrorID and ErrorIDEx is FF00 2105 depending on what I enter in for Size on the function block (attaching screenshots with both error codes).   The errors show on multiple "read" function blocks at once but it only affects data coming out of the function block where I try to read in a BOOL array from a structure in the ControlLogix PLC. If I enter a UINT#1 for the Size, I get ErrorID 0400. If I enter UINT#2, 3, or 4, I get ErrorID 1C00 with ErrorIDEx being FF00 2105. I've been digging for a while and can't find that specific combo of codes, but it looks like it's a size issue. From what I can tell, the Size is in Bytes. So if I have 32 Bools it should be a Size of UINT#4 max, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The function block having issues is setup the exact same as the other two that read from the same structure; I even copied and pasted them from each other and just changed the FB name and the postfix in the SrcDat string (from MyBools to MyDints/MyReals). Here are the screenshot: 1. Allen-Bradley Structure 2. CIPUCMMRead Function Block with size 4 3. CIPUCMMRead Function Block with size 1