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  1. NT31 Software

    Hi anyone knows this kind of error? I'm not able to open the project file in the NTST v4.8E software. Should I need to find a lower version of the software? my HMI is NT31-ST121-EV2. Thanks!!!
  2. First, Hi Everybody :D İm new here I Ask Someting For NT31-ST121B-EV2 HMI Panel ı buy yesterday secondhand nt31 Today I Created custom cable for nt31-v2 but if ı connected cable and after Download screen Data, nt support tool say timeout error in Windows 10 Please Someone Help Me For Universal Connection Scheme for omron rs232 to pc ? And How Can ı fix this Timeout error My System: Windows 10 onboard rs232 + usb ft232 board Thanks everyone already  
  3. Communication between CJ1M and NT31

    Hi, i have difficulty to make a CJ1M cpu11 communicate with a touch screen NT31. the plc port is set : host link  in the TS menu i cannot change the comm A method to host link ( invalid comm method) . i tried with the port B (RS-232C) the cable is 25 pin (NT) and 9pin (PLC) with RTS-CTS shunted 2-3  3-2 7-9 Please help me. Thank you.  
  4. Hi everyone! I'm trying to update a NT31-ST122B_EV2 to a NS5-SQ10B-V2 but I'm having trouble converting the .mmi file (the one from the NT31) to an .ipp (for the CX-Designer) The utility that I'm using to convert the files is the support tool for convertion NT31C_631C, the one from the CX-Designer Tools. The convertion marks as OK but when I try to open the resulting file to the CX-Designer, it appears a message saying that the file is corrupted and if aI want to restore it. Even if I select YES or NO, I cannot see anything in the project, also I try to dowload it directly to the NS but nothing appears in the HMI. Is it possible to load it or convert the file in other way? Thanks for your respones.

    Hi, I have been communicating OMRON HMI NT31-ST123-EV2/EV3 for creating, uploading and downloading program screens with NTST4.6 but today I have received NT31-ST123-EV3-QR HMI but it could not be communicated with Support Tool. Can any one sort out the problem? Attached is the snap shot of error message.