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  1. Xinjie/Mitsubishi PLC TRD/TWR

    Hello, I am new user of PLC System, I am using Xinjie PLC it's much alike Mitsubishi PLC.  i am doing a project of OEE, where i can save my machine ON and OFF time, machine Run and stop many times a day. So, i what i want is this each time when machine stop or in run mode, it's save time in HMI in two block (Stop time and Run time) , like at first machine start at 08:30 and stop 08:47 , and again start 09:05 and again stop 09:25 , so each time can save time on HMI like a two block RUN and STOP (and it's keep on going), so i can get the utilization of machine and it's output. as i am new user i just got from manual I think we use TRD and TWR function, but i have no idea of it. your help would may help and make easier for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. fx

    Hi,, i really newbie in Mitsubshi PLC,s. Currently i has a FX1s-10MR PLC.. I have gx works 2 software.. its possible i go to up/download/read prog inside? If can, what cable is suitable for it? currently that cpu has sc09 cable  connected to controller.
  3. how to display database in intouch ? i need your help brother ..  Please , tell me it