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  1. Hello,             I need to communicate Power meters ( GE Multilin EPM 5500P) to  GE Multilin EnerVista Software. The present communication system uses Ethernet for communication from LAN Switch to Computer. There are a few existing Power Meters which need to be connected to the  Network. The Meters having output ports as RS485. I need to use a convertor for that right. So when I contacted GE they told me to use GE Multilinet Serial to Ethernet Convertor. But due to the price and unavailability of the material I am thinking to use a universal convertor. Is that compatible for Multilin Devices?? and In Case of using a universal Convertor does we need any other drivers for that. Please Help Me.. Thanks In Advance  mnetman-a3.pdf multinet (1).pdf PM-GE.pdf
  2. I have 4 General Electric Multilin PQMII-T20-A power quality meters connected on a daisy chain RS485 2 wire half duplex network with baud of 19200. they are addressed as nodes 1,2,4 & 6. the RS485 network is connected to a Modbus Ethernet/RS485 convertor which i have setup with IP for my network, the port used in the convertor documentation is port 502. i need some help to get Citect to pull a tag out of this network. my issue is the comms setup of citect. i have attached my screen shot of citect setup (Citect is V7.2). thanks in advance for any help on this issue.