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  1. Hi there,  I'm downscaling my business in Western Canada and have some legit software licenses I'm going to sell. This was my first thought as to where I might explore selling/transferring licenses, but I'm also open to polite suggestions.  I have: one Studio 5000 Full Edition ESD Software (9324-RLD600ENE) (software & valid license) two Siemens TIA portal software packages & licenses with Step7 v14sp1 and WinCC Comfort Advanced V14sp1 (software & USB dongles) an unused Simatic WinCC SmartServer license (software & USB dongle) one Progea Movicon 11 Scada/HMI developer license (software & USB dongle) one Progea Movicon NExT DEV3-FL (developer license) (software & USB dongle) an unused Progea Movicon NExT Scada license (RTCS3-F-1K+WB3-1K) for site install (software & USB *unused) one package of Schneider Movicon with license (Vijeo Designer, Unity Pro S, and SoMachine) (software & USB keys) Thanks! Mark
  2. Movicon PVI driver without CPU node number

    Hi all, i have a question about Progea Movicon PVI driver for B&R PLC. The Movicon standard declaration needs CPU INA node number, but with new cpu, like X2CP0484, there isn't the node number (there aren't the switch nodes on the CPU body and there aren't a declaration in Automation Studio and there isn't this parameter in SDM too). I don't know if Movicon can't start the communication for this parameter (inside PVI declaration) or for other problems. The Movicon project works perfectly with B&R cpu with phisical node. Best regards, Ennio