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  1. NJ to ML1400 CIP Read

    Omron NJ processor needed to Read data file from Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC over EIP. This method uses CPUCMMSend Function block to send a CIP message to the ML1400 to read 64 words of data from file register N32:0 Since our NJ PLC is using a CJ1W-EIP21 SIOU module for the EIP connection the RoutePath also needed to be determined.   Explicit CIPUCMM Send to Micrologix 1400 PLC to Read      Function Block Variable Name Variable Name Input Description          CIPUCMMSend               RoutePath RoutePathName 01/ When using an EtherNet/IP unit a connection is routed through the CPU backplane port (01)     #10/ Unit number of EtherNet/IP unit + 10 (Unit number 00 + 10 gives #10)     02/ When communcating through EtherNet/IP the communcation port route code is 02 Target IP address of Micrologix 1400 PLC         TimeOut   UINT#20 Timeout time         ServiceCode ServCode 4B (Hex) PCCC Service Code - CreateSocket (75 dec)       When configuring a MSG Command in RS Logix 500 as "unconnected MSG" and "Generic"  RqPath ReqPath: (Hex) the given Service code and Class ID are 4B (75 dec) and 67 (103 dec), respsectively.     ClassID 67     InstanceID  01 Should be set to 01 (1 dec)   AttributeID 00 Do not use the Attribute ID   isAttributeID FALSE           ServiceDat SrcMessage: (Hex) Command message to the Micrologix 1400    SrcMessage[0] 07 Number of bytes in header is 7 (dec)   SrcMessage[1] 01 Second byte of Vendor ID   SrcMessage[2] 00 First byte of Vendor ID   SrcMessage[3] 0d First byte of CIP Serial Number   SrcMessage[4] 0c Second byte of CIP Serial Number   SrcMessage[5] 0b Third byte of CIP Serial Number   SrcMessage[6] 0b Last byte of CIP Serial Number   SrcMessage[7] 0F Command Byte (15 dec) (Will be the same for read and write)   SrcMessage[8] 00 Status Byte (Normally 0)   SrcMessage[9] 4C LSB of TNS/TNSW   SrcMessage[10] 00 MSB of TNS/TNSW   SrcMessage[11] A2 Function byte (Protected Read with 3 address fields)   SrcMessage[12] 82 Number of bytes to be Read (130 dec)   SrcMessage[13] 20 The index number of file (32 dec) in our case N:32   SrcMessage[14] 89 File data type (137 dec) is type integer, N   SrcMessage[15] 00 Start element number (If it was 02 then would start at N32:2)   SrcMessage[16] 00 Bit level address         Size SrcSize UINT#11 Size determines how many elements from the SrcMessage are sent (17 dec)         RespServiceDat RespDat:       RespDat[0..10]   First 11 bytes in the response are the header we sent but will return a command byte of 4F   RespDat[11..150]   The rest of the response data is the requested information from N32:00-N32:64 but is byte swapped          AryByteTo               In   RespDat[11] Takes the response data from after header as the input         Size   UINT#139 Size determines the number of elements input from RespDat. In our case RespDat[11..150]         Order   _eBYTE_ORDER#_LOW_HIGH Byte swaps each pair of bytes to form correct WORDs         OutVal ResDatWord   Outputs the read data in an array of WORDs        
  2. Hello I have a scenario that's been bugging me for some time now. The scenario consists of a Micrologix 1400 that I need to control it's output from modbus/tcp. In detail what I really need is to be able to manipulate the O0:0 through modbus/tcp. The PLC would be the master and I would be the slave that triggers the connection to the master. I'm using a Modbus-Client on my PC and that should be the slave. Any idea as to how I can manage that? Currently I can send data to the master but everything is "stored" on B10 and I have no idea how I could write directly on O0. Thanks a bunch guys. PS: I'm borderline noob. 
  3. Hello PLC guys. I need some advice. I have 2 VFDs ABB ACS 850 with FPBA-01 PROFIBUS DP adapter module. I want to connect those vfds with PLC 1400. I want to read and write some parameters  from and into the drive. As i'm new to this field i need some advice from all. I need help in PLC side to do the communication. If anyone can help that would be great, thank you.
  4. Using two ML1400 to send data from one to another. (PLC A to PLC B) Just curious what would be the best way to use a "heartbeat" from PLC A to PLC B so PLC B knows that PLC A is OK...?? Thanks Mark
  5. I have a project where I need to use an SSI Absolute Encoder with a Micrologix 1400 PLC. I've never done this and need help. The SSI have a Clock and Data signals that are different from anything I've ever used. 1.Can it be done using the HSC inputs? 2. I found an AMCI card I could use but I am trying to keep everything AB and in the Micro Family. 3. I don't want to use Gray Scale encoders because of the number of Inputs I have to use. Trying to package a small enclosure and don't much room left. 4. AB sells an SSI encoder but they don't have any info on hooking up to anything other than Point IO module.(kills my budget) Thanks and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ~Angel