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  1. Hello everyone! This is the first time I use Micro850 controller (2080-LC50-48QWB) and after I made a really simple programme (just for testing) I wanted to download it to my controller (which I was able to see and connect to via Ethernet and USB normally) and I got a message saying that firmware version didn't match (programme - v9, and PLC - v4). So I found some datasheet where was explained how to upgrade device firmware with ControlFLASH. I started the mentioned software, choose the right controller, and I choose the version 9 and the process started, but near the end I got the ERROR message, and the update wasn't finished successfully. So my controller went to fault (FAULT red light flashes) and now I can not see it in RSLinx nor via Ethernet nor USB. Does anyone have any idea what could I do to try to establish connection with my controller? I have tried to change from prog mode to run, and back to prog, but the fault remains. I really hope that I didn't make some serious mistake, because we need this PLC very soon for work. Thanks  in advance!
  2. Beer Brewing machine

    Hi, i'm planning on building a AIO electric beer brewer with about 80 liter capacity. i was thinking of using an micro 850 i have for controlling mashing stages, circulation pumps, temp controll. i was thinking of using two 1600w heating elements and a 24vDC pump.  My I/O options are 14/10 (micro 850 lc-50 24qwb) only relay outputs, an analog input plugin with 4 inputs and an analog output plug in with 2 outputs. since i cannot run any SSR directly from the PLC because of the relay outputs, what can i ad to best control the heating elements? it requires accurate temp controlling within +- 0,5 degree.  Also, what would be the best solutuion to controlling the pump? i have an 7" TFT HMI from AB i was planning on using for set values, temp readings, timers etc. and ofc some awesome graphic simulation of the system.  BRGDS Cato

    Hello Everyone, I have to develop a FIFO program in Allen Bradley micro850 PLC. The description is as below: Three(3) sensors, where any of the sensor can be turned on first One(1) push button, where when the button is pressed, need to reset the first sensor that detected previously. For an example, there are sensor1, sensor2 and sensor3. Then Sensor 3 detected first, sensor1 detected second and sensor 1 detected third. When push button is pressed, first detected sensor need to be reset, followed by second and third detected sensor. Can anyone help me or clarify me on this matter.   Thanks in advance
  4. CCW/Micro800 series

    Hello all! I have a two part question - both revolve around using Rockwell's CCW software. 1) in rs500 you can mov a value into the an int memory slot and call that int up later on for comp. instructions to see where you're at. Example, if x switch is active, mov value 0 into N7/0. If y switch is active, move value 1 into N7/0. If both x & y are active, move a value of 2 into N7/0. How is this done in CCW??? I've found the mov command but not sure where/how to store this value. 2) How do does one shot [ONS] work in CCW?!? From what I've gathered the r_trig and f_trig is its replacement, and thought it made plenty of sense. But no matter what I do the triggers never work out correctly. Thanks, -g
  5. Hello , I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 - 2080-LC50-24QWB PLC. I downloaded a program to that PLC by CCW. My customer wants to build an application (like a GUI) on a PC which ables to read and write the I/O's , therefore he needs me to send him the registers of the I/O's that i have used in the program. so i woule like to know the register for every tag or I/O. where can i get that information from? for example , i would like to read : _IO_EM_DI_00 , how could i know what this tag's modbus register is? thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 , 2080-LC50-24QWB. I wrote a program using Connected Component Workbench which reads certain indications and controlling contactors. My customer would like to connect that PLC to a PC by an Ethernet cable RJ45 and read those input registers and write those output registers into his application that he had built. He would like to know the commands in order to read or write the data and the TCP/IP data structures and frames. I would like to have the registers mapping of this PLC as well. i have been searching this information in the data sheets and have found none. i hope you could help me or at least instruct me becasue that's really urgent. thanks in advance.
  7. Hi everyone! Is it possible to connect between PLC micro850 with HMI Proface GP4000 series ? If it can do, can you show me how to do it? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi all I am setting up a batch tank system, I have 1 pump which can pump to six different tanks(via pneumatic actuated valves). This is my first go with a HMI, usually I would use a multiple position switch. Is it possible to make a six position selector switch with a HMI? I am using a AB Panel-View 800, has anyone done this before? Any help would be appreciated.