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  1. Dear all, I've got 15 pieces of Allen-Bradley Micro830 2080-LC30-48QWB (RS part no. 750-8621) pulled from new machines as we had to replace them by Siemens PLC's (customer request). In short: these PLC's are brand new and have only been programmed once, but the original packaging material isn't there anymore. If you are interested, please let me know. FYI; our company is located in The Netherlands.   Best regards, Sander
  2. I have a fairly new Allen Bradley PLC  2080-LC50-48AWB.   I am making a list of all of our on-site PLC's that have batteries, in need of periodic replacement. Can anyone tell me if  Allen Bradley 2080-LC50-48AWB PLC has an onboard battery that needs periodic maintenance. I have been searching the manuals all morning, and find no reference to any installed battery. The manual however cautions if the unit has a battery, be sure to handle safely. If it has no battery, what is the best method to ensure program does not get lost, due to extended outage? Thank you for your response.    
  3. Hello, I have a Micro850 PLC that has 5 2080-IF4 plug-in modules attached. Each of these modules are programmed to read 4-20 mA output signals from various sensors. It also has interlock switches connected to embedded digital input ports. When I download the program to the PLC from CCW, the message prompt that enables 'Remote Run' does not appear. I can't seem to switch the controller to run mode. Moreover, while connected, the I/O tags all read 0. I have tested the sensor wire leads with multimeter and they do give out output signals in the range of 4-20mA. Not sure why CCW is unable to read. The DI status LEDs also light up when I turn on the switches. I assumed that it might have to do something with the firmware, so I reset the firmware to default, that didn't help either. Any ideas on what the issue is or how to fix the issue? Thanks.
  4. I would like to send a character on a Micro830 using ASCII. I wish to send the character to a pc by using Real term or terra term on PC. Can somebody please let me know how can I configure the ladder diagram, I tried various commands including THE AWA, AWT and also the MSG_modbus however I can initiate the communication. I think that I am missing something cause I don't have a reference ladder diagram. Thanks 
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to know how is the Ethernet communication in Micro830 PLC's. I'm about to do a communication between a micro830 and SMC actuator drive and I want to know how set Micro800 Ethernet communication. This is by explicit messages or mapping?.   Tks
  6. Hi all,  Can someone please help me, I am using a Micro830 Controller running connected components workbench software to program the controller. I want the use the Real Time Clock of the controller to control an output to turn on everyday at 01:30am and turn of when it receives a signal from an input. The output will control a backwash valve that will operate and activate a cam switch internally that sends a signal back to the Controller to say the valve has operated and can now stop sending the signal to the valve. (if that makes sense). I have tried playing around with the RTC instructions but I cannot seem to get it to operate how I want it to. Any help would be much appreciated. EnvrioService
  7. hello. i'm new at allen bradley. can you help me please. i want to buy RSLogix 5000 Full Edition Software for CompactLogix 5370 L3. but i will buy also micro830 controller. And i dont know is it possible to program micro830 controller with rslogix 5000 full edition or there is another program for it. can you explain it. thanks
  8. I'm using the connected component workbench software and the Micro830 plc is there a way I can tell how much memory is left? I have done some programming on the Micro830 and with just a few rungs and variables it is already reporting out of memory.