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  1. Wireshark dissector for Melsec TCP

    Hello: Is there any off-the-shelf Wireshark dissector for Melsec TCP which can decode the TCP portion of Melsec TCP traces? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem with GX IEC Developer 7.04, i hope some of you can help me. When i try to connect with the PLC type - Melsec FX1s- 30MR-DC, there is an error: I check all COM port settings, and everything is ok. Com_port parameters: FX Parameters: Transfer setup: PLC Type in the program is the same like physical one (FX1s). I try to change all of this stuffs but there is no result. The cable I use for comunnication is this type: Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day! eng R. Bukov
  3. project

    hi just browsing for some ideas, I'm not proficient at programming but thought I could learn and have fun at the same time but now im stumped (and just moved house so a little preoccupied) anyway... I made a test rig, 14 leds driven direct from the y outputs with two sensors x1 and x2 the idea being to eventually put them in the stair case so when the beam at the bottom is triggered they will lead up the stairs in sequence and visa versa down wards, now I managed to trip x1 then sequence the leds and reset itself, all using timers, but when it came to going the opposite way easy I thought just reverse the program, but when I did this I got the dreaded double coil and I spent a couple of days on this to no avail, so here I am. open to any suggestions better ways not using timers anything to get me started eventually I thought I could have a selector switch for different patterns, but im getting a head of myself!