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  1. Maps alarm management

    Hello everyone.  In a previous thread MAPS was recommended as a best SCADA for Mitsubishi plcs. So i've started to trying it. I've faced problem. I am trying to create log of alarms (which is common in HMIs/SCADAs and i never had trouble in other products). As i understood from help menu (maybe i am wrong) - you need to create SQL server data base, after this create AlarmManagement agent and connect him to this SQL database. I did all of this but there is nothing in "Category" list. For once there was "Root" word for 1 second and then still nothing. I cant add category or something else and dont know what should i do next. For additional information: Maps x32 (saw in designer window). Unlicensed.  My OS Win 7 x64 SQL Server Express 2014 x64 Have created database via SQL Server 2014 Management Studio I checked the boxes Start Alarm Management agent and history alarm mode. (But i tried other combinations of active boxes, with the reboot of agent server). In just Alarm Viewer (which only show as current alarms) all work without any problem.