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  1. When installing and running SIMATIC Management Console, I am able to see all the computers on the current subnet and connected to the Management Console PC. When trying to add the Management Console pc to Network an error pops up saying: "A SIMATIC Management Console error occurred. Remedy: restart SIMATIC Management Console or restore data, or re-install SIMATIC Management Console." I have tried reinstalling Management Console and Management Agent several times and restarting the pc, but it still gives the same error. The version is V9.1 SP1 Update 3 and running on the latest version of PCS7. I have read the manual many times and checked everything such as user rights and services running, but nothing has fixed it. I have also noticed that SIMATIC Management Agent Configurator does not see Management Console and just has "-----" for where it should name the console. Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thank you!
  2. Is there an efficient tool to manage and validate CX-Programmer addressing. Requirements: - Highlight Duplicate Address allocation - Compact/Defrag address range to avoid wasting memory space. Note: - Any FINS addressing will have to be reconfigured - This approach assumes symbol use rather than direct addressing in the logic.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a question to all of you guys - do you ever use any software or online tools to manage your automation/electrical engineering projects? I have worked in a number of companies and have seen various scenarios, from using excel tables to run multi-million dollar projects to using proprietary SW for every little tiny project. Unfortunately I do not have experience working for any major big integrator and am very curious how projects are managed at this level (and if every engineer likes the way it is handled).  Additional question - does anyone have ever used a software to automatically generate the PLC code? I know some companies develop products to generate the "skeleton" of PLC program and I think it is a great thing to have.
  4. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    I cant able to make any changes on the points (datatype from INT to DINT) on cimplicity workbench  everything thing is greyout!! i checked and found that the workbench has a change management logOn option asking to logon! Which asks for user name and password!! And No one here Now has the user name or its password!! what to do now on such cases , Also on doing modifications on logic developer validating project generates error  may be due to mismatch data type of that associated point on workbench.
  5. Hi, Is there any setup to manage alarms in one PLC from multiple CX-Supervisor runtimes running on different computers? If I get an alarm, it shows up on both runtimes. If I acknowledge from one runtime, I also want it to be gone from the list in the other runtimes.