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  1. Hello, I am studying automation in France, I have an automated system project with a TM238LFDC24DT controller I have to present the system next week and I have two problems: The first problem is the communication between the hmi HMIS5T and the PLC, it is impossible to perform a multiple download. The COM port of the hmi is connected to the Serial Line 2 of the controller. I can not get the communication parameter page at all by clicking on the controller in Somachine V4.1. The second problem comes from the Twido module TWDNOI10M3, the FLT LED is on, all the ASi interfaces are on the No data exchange, Address' 0 'and Slave is disconnected, beacause slave 1 = address'1'. The interfaces come from bihl-wiedemann, I have 6 interfaces 6 inputs reference BW2651 and 2 interface 4 outputs reference BW2713. They are not present in the list of devices in Somachine V4.1, we were advised to add them with profile parameter 0a7e and profile 7ffe except that I did not find how and where to set its parameters. Thank you in advance for your answers hoping that you can help me. Theo S
  2. Hi,friends. I have a project which is about control of speed.When I do this ,I need to use  Schneider PLC with M238 by using PID Controller.I decided to  control  speed of electric motor of this PLC . Is there any source material or anyone who struggled with this before  for this project?
  3. Hello folks ,  I have a schnieder plc program written in somachin v3.1 , but i  only have the somachine v4.1 software.  Whenever i try to open the file , i get compiler errors (CANopen_optimezed , some item dont have addresses , please update ) . Can i please get ideas on how to resolve this . Thanx