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  1. IC200EBI001 firmware upgrade problem

    As I follow the instructions as shown on the instuction leaflet 82A1043-PM01-A1 The whole proces stuck at step 15. leds are blinking "waiting to receive new firmware"  but  ftp command  "put"...  fails   reason: "no connection with host"  Does someone has experience with this firmware updates? regards John
  2. Siemens Moore Mycro 352

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the configuration software or the manual for Siemens Moore 352 and 353 digital loop controllers? I would be willing to purchase the software if anyone has a copy. Thank you. 
  3. have a good day! and thanks for reading! this is video when i start program (after 10second the Axis4 move couple of times :   if you see the images that i attached you can see, IF test - afterConverData1 > 0.1 MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~ ElSE IF test - afterConverData1 < -0.1 MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~   if the plc run cycle ever 1ms, why that code don't executed every 1ms? example, test - afterConverData1 this condition value go over like 10 or -10 but the condition > 0.1 or < - 0.1 dosen't figure it out to run the code "MC_MoveAbsolute4(Axis4~~)" they just run code couple of times  What am i do for this...?  
  4. Hello from korea :) i got some problem writing loop code in sysmac studio what i wanna do is simple, running process together with loop if u see the picture that i attached there is IF condition, i want my machine run loop in "if" condition but if i use while loop maybe other process dead right lol? in words... running process, i want my machine check the "if" condition....   What can i do in this case?   Do i have to run whole process in loop?    is there any way to run loop with Other process keep going....   Thanks for reading!  
  5. Structured text syntax error

    I'm writing a Function Block in Structured text language. I'm only testing, so the function doesn't do what it has to do. However, my first step is make a for loop inside a while loop, this is for increment the value of a index register while a condition is true.   My code so far:   WHILE X100 DO;          FOR ID_INDEX := 0 TO 99 BY 1 ID_INDEX;         ID_INDEX := ID_INDEX + 1;     END_FOR;                     END_WHILE;     X100 is my boolean for general start. ID_INDEX is the index for a array that I want to manipulate.   The errors that GXWORKS2 tells me are the following:   -  Cannot find 'END_WHILE' in a statement. Please check the error display statement or the preceding one.    C8006 -  Parser error.    C1200   This is the first time that I write code on Mitsubishi structured text, so I based on the examples that I saw on the structured text manual.   
  6. Hello My emulator go to fault state as soon as it goes online and runs (Within a second) and the following error  Code 01, (May have been caused by an infinite loop, a complex program, or a higher priority task.) The same logic runs perfectly fine on a colleague's laptop  I'm using  RS Logix 5000 V30.00  Emulator V30.00.01 Running on Virtual Machine, Windows 7 Host system specs are:  8 GB RAM  Core i5 CPU @ 1.80GHz Socket 1 Cores 2 Logical Processor 4 Windows 10 Virtual Machine's specs:  4 GB RAM  Number of Processors: 2 Number of Cores per Processor: 2 Kindly suggest a suitable solution, what is the possible cause of this fault.    Thank You  
  7. Loop through optimized DB.

    Hi guys. Im trying to figure out how to loop through a number og object i an db. I received some controls modules for a project. I have to chaeck if any of them have an unacknowledge alarm. I could do it the manualle way but theres alot! there's 5 alarms on every analog. So I started to do a loop as i would have done it before theese optimzed block was an option... As I tryif to show in the picture theres a mix og optimized and non optimized block. the Bit "SCADA_ALARM_ACK", How can i loop through all 5 of them and then go to next opbjoect lidsted in the static? Please let there be a solution other than manualy check every single one......  
  8. Hello, CJ2M CPU-32 to IAI motion controller through ethernet/ip I'm working on programming electric actuators to pick up parts from a tray. I will have x (row) and y (column) coordinates that I need to update to move the actuators. So to go through the whole tray I would have to use nested loops. (below what i'm trying to achieve if i was doing it in C++)                                           6 Rows and 6 Columns, palettizing                                           data rows&columns DWORD (Row1,row2,row3...row6; col1,col2...col6)                                           c++ code                                           for i=0,i++,i<6;                                               rowData = row                                               for i=0,i++,i<6;                                                   colData = col                                                   execute movement                                                   wait for confirmation                                               end                                           end I have a way of doing it but it will require a lot of repetitive lines and typing every step, and I was wondering if there is a way on every iteration to increment the data location instead of the contents. In the picture below you can see the example where the goal is to copy data from D8100 to D8000, then in next step from D8102 to D8000, then from D8104 to D8000 and so on. So far in the documentation I was only able to find how to increment contents. Is it even possible to do what I want to?
  9. Hi everybody,For a while I’ve been wondering, in every plc forum where the use of loops come to discussion I find most people answering that it’s best to stay away from them and that there are better, easier and mostly less scan time demanding solutions out there. Why is that?In my experience they’re the next best thing.Why would referencing data from an array of 40 Dwords using a FOR X:= 0 TO 40 DO loop be any more scan time demanding then the PLC scanning through 40 rungs of statments?Just curious if I’m missing something here. Cheers
  10. Hello,  I have 30 recipes(g_Blend_Recipes) and want to search for an item number in the recipes and compare it with what the operator enters on the HMI. The recipes itself is an array and there are 5 item numbers in each recipe. I read about the FSC instruction but did not figure a way out yet. I am attaching a picture of the recipe. Any help would be appreciated.     
  11. Hi there all, this is my first post. I am DIY novice, building a control panel for my 5 axis CNC router. I need help with a few questions. I have 5 power supplies that are 220 volt. Is it an acceptable practice to fuse just one leg of the power input. It seems when using fuses instead of a circuit breaker that trip both legs together, Using a single or double fuse would protect the unit. It seems the problem is if one or two fuses are used, just one fuse would blow and the other leg is left hot, is that a problem? Can I fuse just one leg? Next question. Should I use the same grounding buss bar to ground everything. The main 220 volt power input, the computer, the DC power, the DC control circuit, the machine tool, the stepper motors, VFD, everything? Is there a potential for a ground loop or any other problem? Thanks for your help onthemarc
  12. Hey guys,  Not really new to Allen Bradley per-say but I am very unfamiliar with PID loops and the best way to utilize them.  To be honest I had never even heard of it until a colleague said that it would be the best way to run my program.  Let me know what you think.  Here's the application. I have an Allen Bradley MircoLogix1400 with IF2OF2 analog card.  Controlling the speed of a motor via VFD. 4-20ma signal coming in from the flow meter of water entering the tank. 4-20ma signal coming from scale letting me know how much of the other product is left. 0-10v signal from PLC to VFD to adjust motor speed. The customer is going to have a separate system controlling water into the tank, we are going to use the signal from flow meter to measure how many gallons of water are entering per minute. My system will also be measuring the weight of that product in stock and feed it into the same tank as water at a 10:1 water:product ratio.   The motor will be running an auger that pulls product from stock and dumps it in the tank.  So we will be measuring how much weight is being lost per min and convert that to gallons per minute.  So once i have the rate of water flow in gpm and the rate of flow for product in gpm, i assume thats when the PID comes in?  Can anyone give me some pointers.  I'm positive it's not as difficult as I am making it out to be but again, never used it before so any little bit of info helps!   Thanks

    Okay if I Have a drive with Freqencey signal back and a 4 to 20ma signal to drive the HZ up on the drive and at 300 psi and i need to maintain a Frequency in correlation of the pump curve what is the best way to do that?
  14. Ground Loop

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding Din rails, chassis ground and ground loops. Here is where I am getting confused. I connect my back panel to earth ground which, connects my control panel chassis to earth ground. I screw din rails on my back panel. Question #1: logically, my din rails are now connected to earth ground through the screws connecting to din rails to the back panel. Am I wrong here? As I have seen in many control panels, I connect a ground terminal block to my din rail and connect it to earth ground (the terminal block couples with the din rail through metal clamps). I now use that ground terminal block as a single point source to ground all my other components in the control panel (I connect my ground terminal block to earth ground using a wire).. *** the ten thousand dollar question is Didnt I just create a ground loop between my ground terminal block mounted on the din rail and my back panel chassis ground. For one reason or another the two different location might be at slightly different potentials causing current to flow. Where is my logic off here???? Thank you
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Temperature measurement usind Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 sensor,  4-20 mA current loop transmiter, and a python app for visualization
  16. View File Temperature measurement using Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 temperature sensor and 4-20 mA transmitter Temperature measurement usind Arduino Nano, RTD PT100 sensor,  4-20 mA current loop transmiter, and a python app for visualization Submitter Absolutelyautomation Submitted 04/01/16 Category Other PLC Demo Software
  17. Is it possible to run some sort of PID operation on OMRON PLC without PID or PIDAT instruction? I need to modify a program and although it seems that they use PID loop to control temperature I can not find PID or PIDAT instruction anywhere in the whole program. Can they put the instruction somewhere where the find function would not see it? Also what is this instruction --|| |--? I looked through the instruction manual but did not see one like that in there so what is it?