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  1. Siemens LOGO PID

    Dear All, i Want to ask that is Siemens LOGo PLC is capable of PID ? if it is where is block of PID as i could not find in comfortLOGo V.70 thanks   
  2. Logo mem card

    Hello,      i have one questions. Is possible upload program from  SIEMENS LOGO MEMORY BATTERY CARD ? If is possible ... how?    Thank you for your help.       Regards Beny
  3. Help Logo!8 to HMI Alarms

    I have an existing LOGO!8 and im adding a HMI (SImatic HMI KTP400). i want to bring up an alarm based on the status of a Flag in the PLC. i can see that i cannot address an alarm to a Bool Tag. so my question is how to i get it to work. Example. i have LOGO flag 1 (M0.0) and Flag 2 (M0.1) what to i need to do to make them into a WORD for the alarms.   Cheers
  4. Hello Savvy! Can you pls advise on how to use FBD so this rod cylinder is working? There are two solenoids,   Tx a million   Ms Newbie    
  5. I have a purchased Machine that came with a Siemens LOGO 8.FSR PLC (Smart Relay). Generally we use Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi. Anyway, we need to communicate data between the LOGO and an Allen Bradley Compact Logix.  I do not desire to add an additional network to the AB but as best i can tell the LOGO is exclusively Modbus TCP/IP. Has anyone come across a similar situation?  I look online and did find an  Anybus module that claims to be able to link them together.  Looking for anyone who has faced this challenge and succeeded, or failed.   Thanks
  6. LOGO! 8 TIA portal WinCC

    Hi all experts, I am LOGO! 8 PLC programmer, and now I am beginning to start SCADA developement. I want to ask which software should I install ?, 1. TIA portal with Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional & WinCC Professional 15.1 x64 2. WinCC RT Professional 15.1 x64 3. STEP 7 Professional 14.0 4. SINAMICS Startdrive 14.0 5. WinCC RT Advanced v15 Please excuse me if my question is not OK as I am beginning scada developement I know nothing about it and I can get limited software through my college programme. I am confused too because I found that "Up from version 12 of WinCC the driver “LOGO” is available" and also "I think the Logo! communication driver is only available for a WinCC RT advanced , not professional."  in this post : unable-to-connect-tia-15-version-to-logo-8/185145 Please hep me so that I can learn SCADA developement with my LOGO8 Waiting for your fruitful reply, Thanks and Regards

    Hello Experts, I have recently started to learn about PLC and Industrial Automation. I got Logo Soft Comfort demo software which cannot communicate with the hardware. How/Where (link) can I get a full version 8 of Soft Comfort for free? Thanks.
  8. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Hullo neighbors,  We've got a LOGO! 0BA8 configured to use I8 as an analog input, and the goal is to read the current operating speed of an ABB ACS310 VFD. (we want our PLC to be able to react to any changes in speed from the VFD) Problem is, nobody can figure out how to hook up the analog output from the VFD to the analog input on the PLC. Have tried going from AO -> I8 and have also tried adding a connection from the LOGO! input neutral back to the GND... nothing works.  Attached is the terminal diagram for both devices with our poor attempts labeled. Any insights?  
  9. Weintek HMI and PLC Logo

    Hi dear friends, i'm working with a Siemens PLC LOGO 8 (OBA8) that connected to a Wientek HMI model MT7081IE via Network. and my Problem: i'm trying to get the PLC LOGO time for displaying and editing on the HMI panel, i know that the Time address in the plc logo8 is VM988 and VM989 and VM990 (Hour:Minute:Second) but in easy boilder when i selected an Numerical object there is only VD and VW variables available to select and there is not VM selection (Please see the attached picture). thats way i select VW pisition with the same position Number (for example VW988) for get the Hour value and it's displays a big binary number that contains Hour and minute value in binary, also i can find that witch characters are for hour value and witch one are for minutes value. Please help me that how can i separates the characters and dispalys them into another numerical objects? or another ways to get time values from the OBA8 and displaying on the HMI.   Thanks and Regards Saber

    Thank you for helping my channel
  11. Getting started Logo 8

    Hi I just buy brand new 6ed1052-1md00-0ba8 (Logo 8) PLC and a USB-PPI logo cable from, I am a embedded system hobbyist and fond of exploring embedded system things such as microcontrollers, FPGAs/CPLDs etc, but this time I want to try PLC. Now my problem is that I am a pure newbe to PLCs, I have a 12 V 1A DC adaaptor can I use it as PLC power supply? and input for switches? How to program my Ladder logic, function block to my plc using PLC Cable (USB) and Ethernet cable. ? Can I use Logosoft7 or only version 8 ? is my usb-ppi cable is useless, can i program my plc by my usb-ppi cable Please guide me how to get start with my PLC?, is there any step-by-step tutorial? because I googled tutorials, getting started but i am confused. Please reply soon Thanks in advance.