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  1. LogicMaster software

    I have a client that has an old extruder system that is controlled by a GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC.  I have been trying to get the running program out of the PLC so we can update with out having to write a new program.  It turns out the program was loaded using Logicmaster software and can only be read by Logicmaster software.  I cannot find Logicmaster software for free (trial?) or to purchase anywhere.  Any ideas?  I would really appreciate any guidance.  Thank you.
  2. Logicmaster 90 Software Needed

    I need the LM90.exe software to pull the program off of an old 90-30 PLC.  Proficy ME will not communicate and I know I've run into this before where the earliest 90-30's will not work with Proficy and I have had to use LM90.  I used to have a copy and don't know what I did with it.  I'm in communication with GE Automation, but it does not look promising.  I just need to get the ladder so I can minimize the engineering time to migrate to a new PLC.
  3. Software for GE 90-30

    Hello all, I am an electrical engineering student and I am looking for some software to program some GE 90-30s I've acquired. I received the PLCs from a mentor at my internship after the summer was over. I have somewhere between 7-8 of them with a bunch of cards and other accessories. I was hoping to start doing some projects on my own to study them, but unfortunately, I don't have any software to program them.   I have some files for Logicmaster from the company directory that I was given permission to copy, but it won't run in any compatibility mode.   Does anybody know where I could find another copy of the software or a download for something like versapro or proficy machine edition for a student? Even if I have to pay a discounted price, I would, I just want to learn programming basics.    
  4. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    We have an old press using a Series 90-30 with a 311 CPU 5 Slot Rack.  I am trying to pull the program off so we can convert it to a new CompactLogix.  I am using Proficy ME v6.0.  I have the proper RS232-485 cable and a built in serial port on my XP laptop but cannot get it to connect.  I know that Logicmaster projects cannot be opened by Proficy ME and being such an old 90-30 it probably was programmed using Logicmaster.  Would being programmed by Logicmaster prevent me from even being able to communicate via serial connection?
  5. Old LogicMaster Revisions, as in DOS

    Hello all, A LogicMaster user is in search of an old DOS version. The latest version 9.05 which is great, but is compatible with 32bit files. And our files are 16 bit with SFC option. I have a true DOS computer. We have the SFC option. But no old LogicMaster to load. Would anyone have some old floppies lying around? Please email me Thank you.