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  1. Logicmaster 90 Software Needed

    I need the LM90.exe software to pull the program off of an old 90-30 PLC.  Proficy ME will not communicate and I know I've run into this before where the earliest 90-30's will not work with Proficy and I have had to use LM90.  I used to have a copy and don't know what I did with it.  I'm in communication with GE Automation, but it does not look promising.  I just need to get the ladder so I can minimize the engineering time to migrate to a new PLC.
  2. GE Fanuc 90-30 problem

    Hello, I am Siemens programists newbie to GE-Fanuc.   1) Program was created in LM90-30 - i can not work with this software (Versapro only) 2) I have no valid backup in Versapro 2.04 and LM90-30, 3) After load hardware, logic, variables to Versapro 2.04 - Logic not Equal,  4) There is no _Main.dec available, 5) There is one empty subroutine in IL after upload causing: "IL Temporary variable range not defined". Warn: "Block contains empty data lists." 6) After trying to check_all - stil p.5,   I could monitor program with migrated version from LM90-30. After making changes (just store logic), program still looks like before changes (despite logic equal in right corner). There is something weird becouse whole the rung (network) logic conditions are ok (1) but the coil is grayed - working like there is program before loading.   At the end of storing versapro generates an error. Whole program in PLC was made in LM90-30.   I am looking for solution. Best regards. Realy appreciate for your help / ideas.      
  3. LM90 to Proficy Upgrade

    This is a preliminary post to see if anyone can point me towards information on upgrading from LM90 to Proficy ME. We have a system that I was involved with 15 years ago and a new company that owns this rig is looking to upgrade from LM90 to PME and change out all of the Field Control Cards and update to VersaMax...... Was going to keep the Genius Comm until I heard that's on it's way out by the end of 2017 as well. Now looking to upgrade to Profinet. Any information that you want to throw at me would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. PLC Software Conversion

    Hi ALL, How do I convert a LM 90 30 (DOS) to a Proficy Machine Edition 8.5 software? Thanks Chris
  5. I have had a GE 90-30 CPU331 in my house for 17 years with no trouble at all. I have a problem that I have never seen before. I was editing the program using LM90. I don't know what I could have done in the program to disable an output. Just 1. All the rest of the points in that group on that card still work. I swapped cards with no difference. All of the elements of the rung are true (highlighted). The output is not on or highlighted. The nickname over the output has ONE letter highlighted. The bit in the reference is "0" and is highlighted or "grayed out" (the cursor is not on it). I searched for coil conflicts. I am using this output contact lots of places but only one output. The logic is working correctly when I use another output or %M. This is an isolated output which needs to be in this group (moving it would be awkward). What does a "grayed out" reference bit mean?