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  1. Hello all, I worked in controls specializing in Allen Bradley and Fanuc for 3 years after college. I left the technician work to pursue an electrical engineering bachelor when the pandemic hit. I'm pretty burnt out after this most recent year and took a work placement as a controls specialist to get a year off. Although the position was intended to be an intership, based on my prior experience, they are bringing me on with a full time wage with the expectation I wont need any training. It has been 3 years since I've even looked at a PLC. I'm wondering if someone could provide a solid 1-stop resource on the internet to help me get back up to speed that starts off with the basics, but also gets to the more advanced stuff that I would have been exposed to doing controls engineering. I have 2 weeks between my last exam and when I start work to get myself refamiliarized with industry. Thanks.
  2. Anyone you know any books,software or educational package to learn plc program at home Please??  
  3. I want to take data from an AllenBradley SLC 505, and send it to an Omron NX102-9000. Specifically F8: 46 from my SLC 505, which is a temperature sensor. Both PLCs are on the same Ethernet network, each with its own IP address. Have you tried it?
  4. Omron Learning Curve - DATA TYPES

    Hello Everyone, Recently getting into Omron and I am wishing to pursue this type of PLC and software for a staple in my career. I have recently just graduated from a program involving PLC mainly Allen Bradley and one thing I have to say is that while making the transition from AB to Omron, the main difficulty I have had was with data types, specifically BCD, UINT, and CHANNEL. I am currently using the CX Programmer software for a few PID loops and they are causing me some great difficulty because normally I would just simply enter in all my values into a huge PID block in AB but that is not the case when it comes to CX-Programmer. Can anyone point me in the right direction of some manuals or e-learning places so I can quickly get a grasp on this so I can move ahead with the code. It is frustrating when you know how to do something and you just can't figure out how to put it into a software you aren't familiar with. Thanks for your help