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  1. Lacthed Memory Turned Off?

    Hi guys. I'm experiencing a latched memory turned off even all of the contact is still on and trigger the coil. Anyone familiar with this? Thanks!
  2. Switch LAMP latch

    Hello  I'm new with GT Designer 3, I'm writing code for a GOT2107 HMI. I have a few buttons that when you press it, the LED on the switch comes on, and when depressing the switch the LED goes off. That's good, but how do I create a latch, that when the switch is pressed and depressed, the LED will stay on. and only go off after the next press and depress?   The attached image is my working switch button. Regards Marinus    
  3. Latch switch

    Hello  I'm quite new with GT Designer 3. I'm writing code for the GOT2107 HMI. I have a few push buttons that works fine when pressed the switch lights up as you touch the switch. But now I want a latching switch. Every time the switch is pressed the light on the switch should alternate. How do I get a switch's lamp to stay on after pressing it?   Thank you Marinus
  4. Hello everyone! I'm the new of site. I have a PLC Mitsubishi Q03UDE and want to latch data of D register. I've set the latch data from D500 to D580 in PLC Parameter, you can see it in the picture i've attached. It seems work well when I turn on PLC everyday, but when i turn off PLC for a few days ( about two or three days ), all the data goes to 0. So can you tell me what's the problem ? My PLC have no battery. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Hi all, I am a newbee with GX works2 and I got stuck in the change of developer software. Hope anyone can help me to find a easy way to solve this. I got a program in GX IEC Developer 7.04 where I have Latch(1) on all D register I am using. PARAMETER - PLC DEVICE - Data register is 0-13312 and SystemVariable are from 3000-13311. I have not find a way in GXWorks 2 to allow the same. I figure out I need to change variable type in FB to VAR_RETAIN but how do I solve this for Global variable? Do I have do give all the variable fix addresses?  
  6. Hai i want to know how to save and retain the values of the program even in Emergency power off the PLC and on again? can any one help me?
  7. OK so this is driving me nuts, because I had this whole program just about finished and working fine, until I deleted it  Now I don't remember how I did it, if could just get past step 2 in the attached "Scope" I'd be fine and could do the rest myself, I'm kindof a beginner to ladder logic and I'm using RSLogix 5000     SCOPE.docx
  8. My project is converting a Quatum Modicon to a Control Logix. We took the Modicon Logic ran it thru a Rockwell converter and created the Control Logix Logic. This was nothing complicated but a large file. In Modicon you have a Memory retentive bit -- (M). This converted to a Latch (OTL) in the Control Logix, we decided to place a coil OTE in Parallel with the Latch so we could unlatch on the rung going false. The memory retentive coil is there to hold memory on power cycle if it ever happened. So.... The question is Unlatch below The latch, or above Consider left a representive of converted logic in the AB. Logic a bit more complicated. A B C lL. U --||--|||--|/|--(OTL)--(OTE). L |. . --||-----|. U. L ----||--------------------(OTU)